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A Dog’s Diary

    My friend Chatty has asked me to be her VERY FIRST guest author, because she wanted my thoughts on how a dog chooses what kind of a dog to be…     Well, at first, I thought I wanted to be big … Continue reading

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The Olive Tree

    Yes, Virginia Ms. Fortune Cookie – Chatty DOES have her own olive-producing tree in the front yard!     It is HUGE, and has ivy growing all the way up the trunk – which is rare in Arizona:                      Last year, … Continue reading

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Salty and Sour

    The Weekly Word Challenge words this week are “salty” and “sour”.     Yippee!     Chatty loves salt – oh, my – does Chatty ever love salt!     And not just plain old salt. Oh no, Chatty also likes “pretty salt” – and … Continue reading

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The Beautiful and Totally Unexpected Gift

    A short time ago, The Wiz did a very difficult computer job for a lady who is a quilter. She had an extremely expensive software embroidery/quilting program that was refusing to install or to work properly, and the company’s tech … Continue reading

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Bitter and Sweet

    Tink wants our impressions of “bitter” and “sweet” this time around in the Weekly Word Challenge

    Well, they call this the “bitter herb” at the Passover feast…

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When Umbrellas Swim

    We had one heck of a lightning and thunderstorm the other night, with driving rain and gale force winds.     Naturally, Chatty was out taking pictures – and she noticed that the umbrellas around the pool were tilting, billowing, and threatening … Continue reading

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

    UPDATE! The Wiz has left a comment for this post, which he rarely does – so after you read this, be sure to check it out – it’s pure “Wizdom”!                                           Chatty … Continue reading

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