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The Wordzzles Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out!

    Once again, it’s time to Wordzzle, a little writing game brought to you by Raven. Each Friday, we are given two sets of words, and must work them all into a short paragraph that makes as much sense as possible. … Continue reading

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Then and Now

    This week we are offering our pictorial thoughts about “then” and “now” for the Weekly Word Challenge, brought to us by the lovely bride-to-be, Tink.     Well, Chatty already used her best then and now here , so she had to come up with … Continue reading

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Locks of Love, Part 2: or, when Chatty finally got her hair cut…

    A few months ago, some of you may remember that Chatty went to get her hair cut, but didn’t – because her hair was not QUITE long enough to donate to the organization Locks of Love, which makes wigs for … Continue reading

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Wordzzle Me This…

    This week’s Wordzzles really live up to the term “challenge” – but Chatty did the best she could with the words Raven provided.     For the mini-challenge, we had to use moisturizingpicklesseat beltflip-flopChicago     “After moisturizing her legs and putting on her shorts and … Continue reading

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Plain and Adorned

    This week, Tink wants us to give our pictorial impressions “plain” and “adorned” for the Weekly Word Challenge.     Well, when Chatty first thinks of “adorned”, she thinks jewelry!     So…     This may not look like much – it’s very plain, after all – … Continue reading

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Wordzzles Will Out

    Hard as it is to believe, it’s time for more Wordzzles. Chatty missed last week, being out of town – but she’s back in the groove this week!     Raven (and Melli) gave us these 5 words for the mini challenge: … Continue reading

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Me and Them, or…What Horses Think About

    Time again for Tink’s photo game, the Weekly Word Challenge.     The words this time are “me” and “them”. Once again, Chatty is turning this post over to a guest blogger. Her name is Tilly, and here’s what she had to … Continue reading

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