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Let’s Wordzzle!

    Chatty has been remiss about entering her Wordzzles lately, but she has an entry for this week, and is even posting it a bit early.    Raven chose some…shall we say…almost impossible very interesting words for us this week!    For the 10-word challenge, we have:NetflixmortgageskunkflagrantNew … Continue reading

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Dustmop v. Debutante – you decide!


Chatty is still reeling from the Superbowl, but, life keeps going – and Toot’s hair keeps growing!

So, Chatty Steelers steeled herself -and made an appointment with the groomer, for Toot to be shorn.

Here is a picture of our little dustmop before being shaved:

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Congratulations, Steelers, and…kudos to our fabulous Cardinals!

    CONGRATULATIONS to The Steelers!!!!! What a game! That last drive was one for the history books!     John Madden described the game as “The way NFL football should be played.” And other pundits are slinging around phrases like “one of the best (possibly THE best) … Continue reading

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