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Chatty’s Tomato has turned RED!

    Oh, the excitement!     Chatty wandered out in the back yard yesterday to check on her tomatoes. When Chatty says “tomatoes”, she means…two.     One cherry-sized tomato – and one so small you could feed it to Barbie and she’d still want … Continue reading

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Why Chatty Fears and Loathes Table Saws

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Wordzzle, oh Wordzzle – how I love thee, Wordzzle!

    As most of you know by now, each week Chatty’s creative and imaginative friend Raven comes up with a couple of lists of unrelated (BOY, are they unrelated!) words, and asks her players to form them into a short short story … Continue reading

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Chatty’s First Tomato – re-visited

    Do you remember how excited Chatty was about Chatty’s First Tomato?        Well, Chatty does, too!    Here is the picture of her first (and only, so far) tomato, which was taken about 3 weeks ago::                          The following picture was taken today, of the same tomato:                          Can … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had a dream about dying
About laying to rest and then flying
How the moment at hand is the only thing
We really own

And I lay in my bed and I wonder
After all has been said and is done for
Why is it thus we are here
And so soon we are gone

Is this life just a path to the place
That we all have come from
Does the heart know the way
And if not, can it ever be found
In a smile or a tear or a prayer
Or a sigh or a song

And if so, then I sing for my father
And …
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