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Eat our shorts!

    The Arizona Cardinals just beat the
Minnesota Vikings – one of the best teams in the NFL…and, we BEAT THEM LIKE A DRUM! 

    Chatty adores Brett Favre, but tonight – she wanted her sweet, darling, BRILLIANT Kurt Warner to slam the Vikings into the ground and leave them there. And, he
DID! It goes without saying that he had HUGE help from his defense. But still – coming off of a concussion, and the crushing defeat at the last moment …

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Congratulations, Steelers, and…kudos to our fabulous Cardinals!

    CONGRATULATIONS to The Steelers!!!!! What a game! That last drive was one for the history books!     John Madden described the game as “The way NFL football should be played.” And other pundits are slinging around phrases like “one of the best (possibly THE best) … Continue reading

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Chatty Beads a Cardinals Bracelet

    Chatty wanted to bead a Cardinals bracelet to wear for the Superbowl.

    Because, Chatty is passing strange – but perhaps you who read with any regularity will already have noticed that…

    She decided the best way to do this would be on a beading loom.

    Chatty did not HAVE a beading loom, and she had certainly never beaded on one, but, what the heck?

    Besides, by the time she thought of making a bracelet, she had six whole days, so why not learn something new?

    Yeah, right.

    She made a pattern:

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An open letter of apology to Donovan McNabb from an Arizonan

Dear Mr. McNabb:     I am appalled, embarrassed and ashamed that two “adults” (at least chronologically) who CALL themselves Arizona Cardinals fans took steps to destroy your lawn, to frighten your wife and children, and to provide “bad sportsmanship” with a … Continue reading

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Football History, or…oh yes, we CAN!

    Because Chatty does not wish to be penalized for “excessive celebrating” – in or out of the end zone…she will only point out that the Arizona Cardinals won today. The last time The Cardinals won the NFC Championship, it was 1947 – they were the Chicago Cardinals, and…they won against The Eagles.

    Sixty-two years later, the Cardinals won the Championship again – also against the Eagles.

    This means that the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Superbowl.

    For the first time.

    Chatty would also like to point out that Kurt Warner has now made history – by being the first quarterback to …
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The Arizona Cardinals….YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!


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Arizona Cardinals are Chatty’s kind of birds…

                                                               Chatty is basking in reflected glory.    For the first time since 1947 (back when they were the Chicago Cardinals), The Arizona Cardinals hosted a playoff game here in Glendale today.    (Now, we WON a playoff game back in 1998, against the … Continue reading

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