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The Wiz is a published author!

    Attention all online surfers! The Wiz is riding the wave of the future. One of his books (he has written three) has been published online – and it is now available world-wide for downloading!     The book is “Roadkill”, and the author is John Rasor … Continue reading

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Chatty goes south…and east…to the Yucatan Peninsula

Well, to say that Chatty is innervated would be to put it mildly.

She is ALMOST ready to head for new frontiers (read Cancun), but at the moment, she is bouncing around like a ping pong ball that fell off the table long ago, and is now just looking for a place to come to rest. Which will be in the darkest, most inaccessible corner, of course.

The Wiz has just been out in the garage, spray-painting his favorite black plastic sandals. Why? Because he likes them, but they were looking a bit shabby. The Wiz HATES to buy new shoes. He …
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Why Chatty Fears and Loathes Table Saws

                                                                                … Continue reading

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Chatty Beads a Cardinals Bracelet

    Chatty wanted to bead a Cardinals bracelet to wear for the Superbowl.

    Because, Chatty is passing strange – but perhaps you who read with any regularity will already have noticed that…

    She decided the best way to do this would be on a beading loom.

    Chatty did not HAVE a beading loom, and she had certainly never beaded on one, but, what the heck?

    Besides, by the time she thought of making a bracelet, she had six whole days, so why not learn something new?

    Yeah, right.

    She made a pattern:

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2008 in Pictures

     Tink’s  assignment for the first Weekly Word Challenge of 2009 is for us to post our favorite pictures from 2008.     Chatty was stunned to realize that she has posted 482 photos on her blog since December 29, 2007!      Without further ado, here are a few … Continue reading

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Primitive and Modern

    Chatty is back from her fabulous trip back through time in Northern Arizona.  She came home (it felt good to be home);
she kissed The Wiz (it felt good to kiss The Wiz); then she noticed that The Wiz was coughing his head off, sneezing,  trembling like an aspen, puffing like a grampus, and altogether QUITE

    Sadly, Chatty noticed this AFTER she had kissed him…

    The upshot is that we are now both as sick as dogs (but not OUR dogs, who are perfectly healthy – and wonder why we spend so much time groaning …
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Chatty Goes North

    Chatty is headed out of town again. For those of you keeping score, that’s twice in one month – just call her peripatetic
(she has always wanted to use that word in a sentence…)

    Chatty’s good friend N’awlins Nurse has arrived for a visit, which in itself is cause for celebration.  Ike having bypassed New Orleans (although NN had to evacuate for
Gustav…), she was able to make her trip as scheduled. Of course, our hearts go out to the victims of Ike, but Chatty is really glad her friend didn’t have to evacuate twice in two …

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