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Beaded Cabochons – Part 3

    Chatty is happy to have completed two of her cabochon pieces.     She wore one (the unichite) necklace to a party over the weekend, and got good reviews.     This unichite necklace is all one piece – as the necklace is sewn … Continue reading

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Cat One – Dogs Zero

    At the moment, Chatty and The Wiz have two dogs – Cleo and Toot; one resident cat – Fluffy; and two “volunteer” kitties – Dos and Domino. Domino just comes to eat. Dos comes to eat, too, but he often … Continue reading

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Chatty’s Vicarious Dream

               In her heart of hearts, Chatty has always wanted to own a used bookstore. A place where she could earn her living – and read on the clock!     But the expense… renting a store, paying insurance, buying the … Continue reading

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Pure and Regret

    Well, Tink has done it again! This Weekly Word Challenge gives us an attribute, and an emotion: Pure and Regret.     Chatty just loves old advertisements. This fondness dates from the time she found a really old Sears Catalog in her grandmother’s attic … Continue reading

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Beaded Cabochons – Part 2

    Chatty has mentioned before that she has started making beaded cabochons.     Here’s a progress report in pictures:          You saw the base layer of three rows of beads on the first three cabochons in  a previous post, but here they … Continue reading

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Courtesy Lives

    The nicest thing happened to Chatty last night.     She was driving home from a trip to Michael’s for some beading materials. It was dark, and Chatty was stopped at a light near her house. A notoriously LONG light.     One of … Continue reading

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A Weighty Issue

    Chatty is afraid to go to back to bed.     Chatty’s friend the Redneck Princess had to go through the misery of signing up for term life insurance recently. She recounts her pain and near death-by-boredom here.     Chatty truly believes that hell … Continue reading

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