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Pandora rocks, and We Didn’t Light the Fire!

    Chatty has a couple of great finds for you to check out!     First up, Pandora.     This is an internet radio station – but with a difference. A big difference. Chatty is getting no kudos or kick-backs from the site, but … Continue reading

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It’s the first day of Spring – and Chatty has been given gifts!

    Today is the first day of Spring!      It is also Chatty’s birthday. Chatty just loves it when the vernal equinox falls on her day of birth, as it does this year.     Plus, what Chatty can only consider to be another gift … Continue reading

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Bread and Circuses

    Some of the things that are being passed off as entertainment these days are starting to make Chatty cranky. Between reality shows and game shows, a large portion of the viewing public barely noticed the Writer’s Strike, because that strike … Continue reading

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Ostriches and sleep-overs

    Overheard by Chatty in the supermarket check-out line:     Father (to pre-teen daughter):     “I think you’ve noticed that your mother has….issues.”     Daughter:     “I feel SO SORRY for her and all, but sometimes she acts so weird it’s just totally embarrassing, Daddy!” … Continue reading

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The Ear Gremlin

    Chatty’s “adopted mum” Tonia came to visit this past week. It was a wonderful few days.     Tonia is currently performing in a show she has created based on three major influences in her musical life – Maurice Chevalier, Jacques Brel, and … Continue reading

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Words are wonderful

    If the framework of one’s story is a freshly-stretched canvas, then words are the colors used to paint the picture.     Chatty loves this idea of words as colors used to paint a word picture. Possibly because Chatty can’t draw a … Continue reading

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Merry Valentine’s Day?

    How soon is too soon?     How much is enough?     How much is too much, and     How long do we have to wait until you just pack it up and give it a rest until next year?     Chatty is just wondering. … Continue reading

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