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Superbowl XLII is upon us and Chatty is RIGHT in the middle of it…

    When Chatty moved to Glendale, AZ two years ago, she already knew she loved Arizona in all of its magnificence, and that Glendale was a wonderful city. But she had NO idea that the Superbowl being held here on Sunday … Continue reading

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Chatty did not actually SEE dead people, but…

    Let it be clearly stated that Chatty has no wish to distress or anger anyone who believes that faith does not allow for any “manifestations” from beyond the grave. Be that as it may, after the past couple of days … Continue reading

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Chatty is going ghost hunting!

    Chatty is STOKED. She wants to meet a ghost so ardently that she’s willing to WALK ACROSS THE HALL to the bathroom for two nights, because THAT HALL was where at least one poor sod got offed (shot between the eyes … Continue reading

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Ostriches and sleep-overs

    Overheard by Chatty in the supermarket check-out line:     Father (to pre-teen daughter):     “I think you’ve noticed that your mother has….issues.”     Daughter:     “I feel SO SORRY for her and all, but sometimes she acts so weird it’s just totally embarrassing, Daddy!” … Continue reading

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Godspeed, Suzanne, and thanks for the memories

    Suzanne Pleshette died on Saturday. She would have turned 71 on January 31, and would have received her star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame that day. It would have been nice, but Suzanne didn’t need a star. She was one. … Continue reading

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’cause her heart belongs to Daddy!

What can Chatty say?

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Ah, romance!

    Chatty is quite sure that by now everyone has read the story about the twins who were separated at birth, met in later life, fell in love, and married; only to find out that the reason they were so attracted … Continue reading

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