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2008 in Pictures

     Tink’s  assignment for the first Weekly Word Challenge of 2009 is for us to post our favorite pictures from 2008.     Chatty was stunned to realize that she has posted 482 photos on her blog since December 29, 2007!      Without further ado, here are a few … Continue reading

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Abundance and Thanks

    Chatty is back in the groove, and it’s time for another Weekly Word Challenge, brought to us by the always wonderful Tink.

    This week, the words we are to express in photos are “abundance” and “thanks”.

    Well, Chatty decided there are (happily) a couple of things she now has in abundance! You see, Chatty got all “homemade” this year, and many of you know that she made her own olives, and her own wine.

    She now has both in abundance!

    This first picture is of her wine – and she freely admits …
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Then and Now

    This week we are offering our pictorial thoughts about “then” and “now” for the Weekly Word Challenge, brought to us by the lovely bride-to-be, Tink.     Well, Chatty already used her best then and now here , so she had to come up with … Continue reading

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Plain and Adorned

    This week, Tink wants us to give our pictorial impressions “plain” and “adorned” for the Weekly Word Challenge.     Well, when Chatty first thinks of “adorned”, she thinks jewelry!     So…     This may not look like much – it’s very plain, after all – … Continue reading

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Me and Them, or…What Horses Think About

    Time again for Tink’s photo game, the Weekly Word Challenge.     The words this time are “me” and “them”. Once again, Chatty is turning this post over to a guest blogger. Her name is Tilly, and here’s what she had to … Continue reading

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Clear and Distorted

    This week has flown by, and it’s hard to believe it’s time for another Weekly Word Challenge. The words provided by Tink this week are “clear” and “distorted”.     Chatty still isn’t feeling up to snuff (and is, among other things, … Continue reading

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Time and Place

    This week, Tink wants us to show examples of “time” and “place” for the Weekly Word Challenge     Well, let’s talk about what TIME can do to a PLACE…     Grand Canyon is one of the most studied geologic landscapes in the world. … Continue reading

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