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A New Necklace

    Chatty has finally finished one of the necklaces she is making for her sister-in-law – JUST in time to take it to LA and give to her next week.     It took forever to bring this together to Chatty’s satisfaction, but she is finally … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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Congratulations, Steelers, and…kudos to our fabulous Cardinals!

    CONGRATULATIONS to The Steelers!!!!! What a game! That last drive was one for the history books!     John Madden described the game as “The way NFL football should be played.” And other pundits are slinging around phrases like “one of the best (possibly THE best) … Continue reading

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Chatty Beads a Cardinals Bracelet

    Chatty wanted to bead a Cardinals bracelet to wear for the Superbowl.

    Because, Chatty is passing strange – but perhaps you who read with any regularity will already have noticed that…

    She decided the best way to do this would be on a beading loom.

    Chatty did not HAVE a beading loom, and she had certainly never beaded on one, but, what the heck?

    Besides, by the time she thought of making a bracelet, she had six whole days, so why not learn something new?

    Yeah, right.

    She made a pattern:

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Tiger Eye and “M” Cabochon

    Chatty has completed the tiger eye cabochon, and thinks it came out well. It is a pendant that can be worn on the necklace pictured, or on a choker – or anything else that suits one’s fancy. The pendant’s loop is … Continue reading

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Another rock is almost ready to roll

    This one has taken Chatty quite a long time. It’s a tiger’s eye cabochon, and it has been complicated to make. Chatty did a peyote loop to make it a pendant. It wasn’t easy. She didn’t like the look of the loop “straight on”, so she angled it and then sewed it to the backing. She’s pleased with the result.

    As you can see, she is now working on the detachable necklace. In a few hours, she may have the whole thing completed, but here’s a progress photo in the meantime (because Chatty’s eyes …
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Newest Cabochons

    Here are Chatty’s latest necklaces.

    This first one is an eagle eye agate. Chatty thought the cabochon looked like rocks and sky when mounted horizontally, so that’s how she chose to do it. The necklace is triple-strands of beads:

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