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Another rock is almost ready to roll

    This one has taken Chatty quite a long time. It’s a tiger’s eye cabochon, and it has been complicated to make. Chatty did a peyote loop to make it a pendant. It wasn’t easy. She didn’t like the look of the loop “straight on”, so she angled it and then sewed it to the backing. She’s pleased with the result.

    As you can see, she is now working on the detachable necklace. In a few hours, she may have the whole thing completed, but here’s a progress photo in the meantime (because Chatty’s eyes …
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Temporary and Permanent

    Every so often, an idea for the Weekly Word Challenge just jumps out and grabs Chatty immediately – and that was the case this week.

    So, without further ado, here is Chatty’s take on Tink’s latest assignment:

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    I came across a picture the other day that made me smile in remembrance.     I took it at a very special moment – before I ever dreamed I would actually be blessed to live in Arizona – and seeing the … Continue reading

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The Amazing Spiderman

    Those guys over at Marvel Comics can say whatever they want, but Chatty knows the REAL Spiderman!     Yes.     After much deliberation, it was decided that Chatty and Catherine the Black Widow could not actually co-exist, even with a window between … Continue reading

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OK – so what if she occasionally eats her mate – nobody’s perfect!

“Honey – there is a

Black Widow spider the size of a Buick headlight here between the window and the screen.”

(The Wiz ambles in to take a look)

“Yep, she’s a big one!”

“I think you need to get the Shop-Vac, because those little dots might be babies.”

“Yeah, OK. We’ll do that later. I’m watching TV now.”

(Chatty takes 27 pictures of the Black Widow through the kitchen window)



“Be sure not to do ANYTHING with the Black Widow until I’m here to take pictures – because there’s bound to be a blog post in this.”

“Well, OK – but what if she skips town …
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More fun with vegetables…

    Ever since Chatty was lucky enough to find squash girl and give her a rockin’ outfit with Steeler Girls help, she has been on the lookout for other…interesting veggies.

    So, imagine her delight when at WalMart, checking out the corn, she picked up an ear that felt a bit…lumpy.

    Chatty is not going to make any comments here, she’s just going to post these pictures with pride:

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The Doorstop

    Anybody wanna buy a doorstop?

    Chatty was taking care of business – making a salade nicoise, in fact – and was coring the cucumber. (Okay, technically salade nicoise does not include cucumber, but Chatty didn’t have any green beans and was going with cucumber.)

    Miss Toot LOVES cucumber– especially that slice Chatty cores out when the salad has to sit for a bit while she is preparing dinner for The Wiz (because cucumber seeds melt and turn salad into a gelatinous mass before you can turn around).

    Toot was begging for cucumber seed slices, so Chatty gave …
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