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Gobble Gobble!

                   Thanksgiving is probably Chatty’s favorite holiday. It revolves around friends, family, giving thanks for our blessing, and eating. What could be better?     Chatty is, however, a bit conflicted about the poor turkey.  Being a Pescetarian, she doesn’t … Continue reading

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A Wordzlle a Week…that’s all we ask

    Hard to believe, but it’s the 40th week for Wordzzles over at Raven’s Nest.   The idea is to use a set of random words in a way that makes sense to create a short short story – often just … Continue reading

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Color her blue and call her Braveheart – Part 2

    Frankly, we never thought there would be a “Part 2” when it came to “Color her blue and call her ‘Braveheart'”!

    But, as those of you who have read the previous post know, our baby went through more bad times.

    Since many of you wanted an update, here is our baby – brave as always…and beautiful in blue…

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When bad things happen to good animals…

    We had a wonderful time in Mexico.

    But, we came back to very bad circumstances.

    I found  Fluffy, the cat I have loved for 16 years – the sweetheart I had taken into my home when she was 10 weeks old – dead in my closet.

    She had been lying there for 6 days when I found her. I know this…because I know this. I won’t go into details, except to say that she tried to fight the pet-sitter’s dog, and obviously lost.

    The thing that haunts us most is that she died alone, and …
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Chatty is off to Arizona’s Riviera…

                                  Chatty is going to Arizona’s Riviera for a WHOLE WEEK.     Yes!     To those of you unfamiliar with Arizona, or our “Riviera” – it’s Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco, which is about 4 hours south of … Continue reading

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