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When Too Many Tortillas Are Just Enough

    Chatty made tacos a few nights ago. Ground beef for The Wiz, and Morninstar crumbles with a ton of taco seasoning thrown in for Chatty.    The Wiz is picky about his tortillas – and his bread. Both have to be fresh … Continue reading

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Brisket for Winston and Scallops for Chatty

     For those of you who may not remember (or didn’t know), Winston is Chatty’s favorite beagle. He came to dinner with his daddy on Saturday night, to see Chatty’s adopted mom and his friends Cleo and Toot – and to meet our visiting Peekapoo princess, Juliette.

    A good time was had by all, and much brisket was consumed by
everyone except Chatty. Chatty, however, ate most of the potatoes and carrots, so
things evened out nicely. Winston knows his way around a kitchen – his
daddy is an excellent cook. So to have him leave a …
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Abundance and Thanks

    Chatty is back in the groove, and it’s time for another Weekly Word Challenge, brought to us by the always wonderful Tink.

    This week, the words we are to express in photos are “abundance” and “thanks”.

    Well, Chatty decided there are (happily) a couple of things she now has in abundance! You see, Chatty got all “homemade” this year, and many of you know that she made her own olives, and her own wine.

    She now has both in abundance!

    This first picture is of her wine – and she freely admits …
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The Olive Tree

    Yes, Virginia Ms. Fortune Cookie – Chatty DOES have her own olive-producing tree in the front yard!     It is HUGE, and has ivy growing all the way up the trunk – which is rare in Arizona:                      Last year, … Continue reading

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Salty and Sour

    The Weekly Word Challenge words this week are “salty” and “sour”.     Yippee!     Chatty loves salt – oh, my – does Chatty ever love salt!     And not just plain old salt. Oh no, Chatty also likes “pretty salt” – and … Continue reading

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Raw and Finished

    This week Tink has challenged us to represent the words raw and finished.     This comedy special immediately sprang to mind as being very aptly named:                    When it comes to raw, nothing quite beats these on a … Continue reading

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Sombreros and chopsticks

    Chatty has managed to eat her way through 5 countries in one weekend – without ever leaving the Valley of the Sun.     Chatty has already mentioned her adventures at the grand openings of an Italian restaurant     and  a Japanese restaurant … Continue reading

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