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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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Jigsaws…not just your simple puzzles anymore!

    Well, Chatty loves the tradition established years ago by her cousins – a jigsaw puzzle set up on a card table within sight of the Christmas tree…and willing participants who would walk over, gaze for a bit, then put in … Continue reading

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Disappearing Dos…and doggies with Daddy

    Well, Chatty had wandered into the living room to take a picture of the sweet Nativity set her cousin had made for her a couple of years ago – to send to her cousin so she would know it was still … Continue reading

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Dear Santa

    Greetings!       Well, the letters to Santa are on the table in the front hall, ready to be mailed tomorrow when Chatty lugs the giant package for her cousins to the Post Office, and then stands in line for three hours because “Click and Ship” does not … Continue reading

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Swamped Thing, or Now We Go A-Wordzzling

    Is it just Chatty, or do the holidays seem to be bearing down on us rather quickly this year?  

    Chatty has yet to really get into the swing of things. She has been swamped with finishing her final project and the take-home final exam for a course she’s been taking for three hours every Tuesday evening for the past 15 weeks. The last class, and Chatty’s final presentation and turning in the final – is on Tuesday.  Chatty – ever one to procrastinate while insisting she works best under pressure –  is toiling mightily to …
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Gobble Gobble!

                   Thanksgiving is probably Chatty’s favorite holiday. It revolves around friends, family, giving thanks for our blessing, and eating. What could be better?     Chatty is, however, a bit conflicted about the poor turkey.  Being a Pescetarian, she doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Wordzzles Will Get You If You Don’t Watch Out!

    Once again, it’s time to Wordzzle, a little writing game brought to you by Raven. Each Friday, we are given two sets of words, and must work them all into a short paragraph that makes as much sense as possible. … Continue reading

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