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Laissez faire, or; The Spray Bottle of Peace

   lais⋅sez faire–noun 1. the theory or system of government that upholds the autonomous character of the economic order, believing that government should intervene as little as possible in the direction of economic affairs.2. the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

                            And, spring has definitely sprung! Chatty got her first daffodils…and what better receptacle than Gary’s beautiful teapot?                Chatty had a wonderful weekend – what with peace breaking out in the great nations of “CAT” and “DOG” – and is hoping you did, … Continue reading

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Dustmop v. Debutante – you decide!


Chatty is still reeling from the Superbowl, but, life keeps going – and Toot’s hair keeps growing!

So, Chatty Steelers steeled herself -and made an appointment with the groomer, for Toot to be shorn.

Here is a picture of our little dustmop before being shaved:

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Bald spot? What bald spot? Cleo has no bald spot!

    For all of those who have emailed or commented, wondering about how Cleo is doing after her attack, Chatty has good news.    Chatty would not dream of showing a picture of Cleo when she was really really bad..but here is a … Continue reading

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2008 in Pictures

     Tink’s  assignment for the first Weekly Word Challenge of 2009 is for us to post our favorite pictures from 2008.     Chatty was stunned to realize that she has posted 482 photos on her blog since December 29, 2007!      Without further ado, here are a few … Continue reading

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Jigsaws…not just your simple puzzles anymore!

    Well, Chatty loves the tradition established years ago by her cousins – a jigsaw puzzle set up on a card table within sight of the Christmas tree…and willing participants who would walk over, gaze for a bit, then put in … Continue reading

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Disappearing Dos…and doggies with Daddy

    Well, Chatty had wandered into the living room to take a picture of the sweet Nativity set her cousin had made for her a couple of years ago – to send to her cousin so she would know it was still … Continue reading

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