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As we wait for land-fall

Mother Nature is a stern taskmaster, and she brooks no interference.

I now wait and hope that this new hurricane will lose strength and not lay waste to the coast of Texas.

However, hurricanes being what they are, and meteorology being as exact as it is, this is probably a vain hope.

So, I pray that those who need to evacuate – especially those who fear to do so because they are in this country without proper validation – will take heed, trust the government of the state of
Texas, and LEAVE while there is still time.

I have friends in New Orleans, who …
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    I came across a picture the other day that made me smile in remembrance.     I took it at a very special moment – before I ever dreamed I would actually be blessed to live in Arizona – and seeing the … Continue reading

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April 10th

    I was paying for my groceries and idly watching them being bagged when I heard a young voice, speaking to the checker and bagger at the check-out stand behind me.     “Well, I’ve got my orders. I’m headed to Iraq.”     “When?”     “April … Continue reading

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Boothill Graveyard, Tombstone, AZ

    Despite the souvenir shops you have to pass by and pass through to get there; despite the parking lot that is only an ill-disguised fence away; despite the age-old jokes and the occasional humorous headstone – in fact, AGAINST ALL … Continue reading

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    I was doing my usual walk today. I had stopped to speak to a nice elderly gentleman who is always out picking up bits of litter on the street where he lives when I noticed the flashing lights of a … Continue reading

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