When ignorance is not bliss – but you’re too stupid to realize it

If any of you are like me – rabid P.G. Wodehouse fans – I must tell you about the best moronic review of ALL TIME!
I was perusing Amazon to see if they had any free P.G. kindle books I didn’t have, and found some. When I noticed that one I was downloading had a two star rating hanging out with all the 4’s and 5’s, of course I had to read it.
This person should be an honorary Drone – where idiots are de rigeur. He gave the collection of short stories two stars, with the header “flip” (not capitalized), and said: “This writer seems to be more caught up in the turn of a phrase rather than a telling good story.” (sic)
I almost hurt myself when I fell on the floor laughing. When I managed to pull myself back into my chair, I parried with: “This is a joke review, right?” (Not my best work, but I was nursing both bruises and outraged sensibilities.)
Sadly, I’m sure it isn’t. How tragic to have reached an age where one is able to type, yet has no knowledge of Plum. And yet – it IS fair to say that he was mightily “caught up in the turn of a phrase”…I’m still laughing.
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Monsoon season is here in earnest

Rain, rolling thunder, giant flashes of lightning that illuminate the whole eerie yellow sky – but not a breath of wind. Mother Nature is really putting on a show.

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And the award for best narration goes to…

In addition to wonderful underwater photography, and octopuses, this narration has to be the funniest of any “nature” video I’ve ever heard. Take a little time and treat yourself.

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Cactus cupcakes

Why am I posting this? Because they are cupcakes. Topped with cacti. Two of my favorite things in one amazing mash up – and everything is edible! You’re welcome.

cactus cupcakes

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Illinois – what the HECK are you talking about?

Is it just me, or does my home state (Illinois) have one of the weirdest TV tourism campaigns EVER?

Have you listened to these ads? They seem to promise all SORTS of things that do not scream “Illinois”.

Da Bears? Sure. Lincoln? You bet! But they don’t mention those. I have a BIG QUESTION MARK as to WHY.

I have to warn you, the narrator speaks in such soothing tones that you might mistake it for something other than a tourism commercial.

But when you listen for content – let’s just say I am flummoxed.

These commercials air quite a bit on ION TV at the moment. Don’t know where else. But I’ll just be working in the kitchen while getting my Criminal Minds fix when these come on.

I LOVE my home state, but I repeat – is it just me who finds the commercials weird?

Go, listen to one. Then get back to me. Thanks.

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Words Wound

Words wound.

Exploding in anger and spewing nastiness may make you feel better at the moment – but the repercussions can be great.

And sure, the things you say in anger can be forgiven.

But it is doubtful that they can ever be forgotten – at least by the person at which those words were aimed.

Do you understand?

words wound

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WalMart gives itself high marks, again. For no reason, again.

Every time I hear the current WalMart commercial about how much they realize life is tough, and how much they value their employee “family”, etc. it makes me want to upchuck. The company implies that they just now realize the their employees might need more money to make life more worthwhile. PULEEZE. They imply that this new policy will take care of ALL the problems and everyone will be just one happy family. So, I talked to a WalMart employee today. I would say he’s an average employee, although young – so he hasn’t quite had all the hope beaten out of him like the older employees. He’s been working at WalMart for over a year, and I would say he is 22 at most. I asked him if he had seen the commercial. He hadn’t. I told him the commercial talked about things like giving employees enough money so life could be happy. I told him that was hugely paraphrased, btw. He looked around, saw nobody was paying attention, and said: “Really?” I asked him if he had recently gotten a raise. He said yes – about 6 weeks ago. He went from $9.00 to $9.30. He said it didn’t make much difference. I asked him if that was typical money around here (Phoenix, AZ). He said actually WalMart was a bit higher than other places. I was stunned. But only for a moment. He went on to say there was a bit of a problem. While other companies paid less, they also paid for health care. WalMart does NOT pay for healthcare. Here’s the kicker. WalMart does NOT pay for healthcare, but to work there, you MUST have healthcare. Yep. Pay for it yourself, or no job. He said he was lucky enough to have a dad who could – and would – pay for his healthcare until he turns 25. After that… Having to pay for your own healthcare pretty much eats up the slim margin of “slightly better pay”. So, basically, you are giving a whole additional .30 per hour? Really? Gee, WalMart, how can you POSSIBLY afford that? Yeah, yeah, maybe employees who have been there longer get more. Maybe even a whole .60. Bite me, WalMart. It makes me sick. I hope I don’t see that self-serving commercial any time soon again – because I probably really WILL upchuck.

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