May Flights of Angels Sing Thee to Thy Rest

I lost the only sister I ever had tonight. I was born an only child, but my husband had a lovely sister, and we adopted one another – because although she had two wonderful brothers, she didn’t have a sister, either.

Her illness was horrible, but thankfully brief. It took all of us by surprise.

John and I saw her four days ago, to say goodbye – and we knew then that we would not see her in this world again.

Judy Rasor Rodgers – I love you. I am blessed to have known you. I am thankful that you called me “Sis”. I pray that you are on your way to the new adventures you looked forward to with such absolute faith, and believe that we will meet again.

Until then, sleep well, sweetheart. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

Along with many others, I will miss your presence in this world enormously.

Maggie-beth Rees Rasor's photo.
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Home again Home again, jiggedy jig

Well, it’s 6 pm, and the doggies are home from their vacation at Uncle Hooman’s.

To say that they are underwhelmed about being home is an understatement.

“WHERE is the bar I like to lie under?” asks Toot, because we have no bar.

“WHERE is the pile of laundry Uncle Hooman lets me sleep upon?” queries Cleo, upon realizing that our laundry is in a basket too high for her to jump into.

I arrived to pick up their ungrateful little asses while someone else was at Uncle Hooman’s door. Toot followed THE OTHER PERSON to the curb, and only reluctantly came back to greet me after he had driven off. (Well, to be fair, he WAS delivering food.)

Cleo didn’t even get off the couch in the movie room to greet me. I had to pick her up and carry her to the car.

The girls are apparently addicted to the luxuries chez Hotel Hooman. They are cranky tonight.

I have a feeling that if they had opposable thumbs, they would be composing rude messages to put on picket signs concerning the crappy life they have at home. Also, they would be knocking the phone off the hook to call Uncle Hooman, barking “HELP! Come get us!”

I assume this will be a passing revolt, since both put together have the attention span of a single gnat. *sigh*

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OH, the cuteness!


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When self-entitlement runs rampant – I’m talking about YOU, Snowflake!

This is an excellent essay based upon a brilliant book and short story by another of my all-time favorite authors, C.S. Lewis. It addresses the issue of the self-entitlement running rampant in our society today, and the outlook is frightening.

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When ignorance is not bliss – but you’re too stupid to realize it

If any of you are like me – rabid P.G. Wodehouse fans – I must tell you about the best moronic review of ALL TIME!
I was perusing Amazon to see if they had any free P.G. kindle books I didn’t have, and found some. When I noticed that one I was downloading had a two star rating hanging out with all the 4’s and 5’s, of course I had to read it.
This person should be an honorary Drone – where idiots are de rigeur. He gave the collection of short stories two stars, with the header “flip” (not capitalized), and said: “This writer seems to be more caught up in the turn of a phrase rather than a telling good story.” (sic)
I almost hurt myself when I fell on the floor laughing. When I managed to pull myself back into my chair, I parried with: “This is a joke review, right?” (Not my best work, but I was nursing both bruises and outraged sensibilities.)
Sadly, I’m sure it isn’t. How tragic to have reached an age where one is able to type, yet has no knowledge of Plum. And yet – it IS fair to say that he was mightily “caught up in the turn of a phrase”…I’m still laughing.
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Monsoon season is here in earnest

Rain, rolling thunder, giant flashes of lightning that illuminate the whole eerie yellow sky – but not a breath of wind. Mother Nature is really putting on a show.

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And the award for best narration goes to…

In addition to wonderful underwater photography, and octopuses, this narration has to be the funniest of any “nature” video I’ve ever heard. Take a little time and treat yourself.

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