Cardinals DO Fly!

The Cardinals v. Packers game has just been described as “heart-attack inducing”…and that is pretty darned accurate. I figure that the last Packer touchdown before overtime took at least 3 years off my life. HOLY COW! This stuff just doesn’t usually happen. And if it DOES happen, it rarely happens in a PLAY-OFF game! Yes, crappy football was played. Stupid penalties were incurred. But – and here’s the BUT – amazing football was ALSO played. BY BOTH TEAMS. I loathe Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews. But only for tonight. (Well, that’s not accurate. I’m OK with Rodgers but I will NEVER be OK with #52, because he is a rude toad and a jackass both on and off the field. I’m sure he’ll be crushed to learn this.) The Packers played one HELL of a game. However, and I must emphasize this – THE CARDINALS FRICKIN’ WON! It wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W. LARRY FITZGERALD is god-like tonight. I wanna watch it ALL over again – but only because I know how it comes out!

Maggie-beth Rees Rasor's photo.
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David Bowie may be gone – but I doubt he will be forgotten.


I cannot believe David Bowie is gone. I adored that man, and always will. Huge crush for many years – love love love his music and style.

But what a way to go. He had released a new album on his 69th birthday two days ago, and an accompanying video a day or two before that.

And, I’m guessing most of us did not even realize he was so ill.

He was elegant and professional to the end, and I am not surprised. Grateful, but not surprised.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready to watch Bowie’s last video,”Lazarus”, but I’m SO glad I did. He was saying goodbye to us all, and what a heartfelt, even hopeful, way he chose to do it. Wonderful imagery, of course. Lovely lyrics. Strong voice. Pretty much the whole package one last time. Going out in style – no surprise there.

Here’s to you, Mr. Bowie, with endless thanks and true sorrow at your passing.

To Ziggy Stardust, the Thin White Duke, and all the other wonderful characters you created – RIP. They are gone but I hope they will never be forgotten. Long may the songs you etched indelibly into the world’s consciousness be listened to and appreciated.

And may flights of angels sing thee to they rest.

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When Enough is ENOUGH

horse with no name

Bastards. Making me wander all over the damn desert – and if they called for me, I wouldn’t even KNOW! So here’s the deal. I’m giving MYSELF a name. It’s Ralphie. Work THAT into your song, assholes.

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It’s Film Preview Time!

As a member of the DGA, I am one of those lucky people who, around this time of year, starts getting inundated by preview copies of movies. The producers hope that I might cast a vote for them come awards time, and I look at each movie as a possibility.

However, I am entitled to my opinion, and I feel a need to express it about the two I watched most recently.

Although it was a free viewing, BY THE SEA is still almost two hours of my life that I will never get back, and I resent it

I realize that nobody starts out to write a bad movie – or to direct one, or to star in one.

But…word to those self-entitled, special snowflakes that are Angelina and Brad – you are not living up to your potential – and Angelina, you are definitely spreading yourself too thin, what with writing, directing AND starring.

I won’t be revealing any spoilers here, because absolutely NOTHING happens in this film. It reminds me of those thoughtful French films of the 60’s – but in English, and without the humor. (Sarcasm intended.)

When, at the end of the film, Brad says to Angelina (yes, I know they were characters, and had names, but damned if I can remember them): “We really need to stop being such assholes”, I promise you that his suggestion came far, far too late.

I will stick to my opinion, so please don’t bother trying to convince me otherwise.

HOWEVER, in order to impress upon you that I am not a total Grinch – I give you THE DANISH GIRL. It is two hours of your life that you will wish had lasted much, much longer. Brilliant, nuanced, delicate, ephemeral…Eddie NAILS this, and Alicia Vikander is heartbreaking and true in her love for Lily. Amazing performances by all.

Apparently, it takes far less time to review a brilliant film.

Do yourself a favor – make an effort to see THE DANISH GIRL.

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I WILL get my package mailed…

I WILL get my Christmas presents sent. I WILL get my Christmas presents sent. This line isn’t really that bad. Gee, I wish I had brought a bottle of water and my mp3 player. I WILL get my Christmas presents in the mail. WHY is that Post Office bird hollering at us? We can’t form a more orderly line than this. I may scream. OK, I DID scream. But, now there’s only one bird in front of me. Jeez. WHO does her feathers? They should be shot. And look at her scowl. Pretty bird my ass. OK. Keep calm and forget the bird in front of you. I WILL get my Christmas presents in the mail…

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Hannukah Bird

No, that is NOT a patch of rust, you twit. My featherdresser experimented with something a little different for Hannukah this year – all blue and white is SO 5775!

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Love One Another – if they can do it – we can!

This is beyond adorable. Even better than “Muskrat Love” – Raccoon Love!

Note how gently the raccoon hugs the kitty, then strokes the kitty with one little paw – razor-sharp claws doing NO damage – and that the kitty is completely relaxed and unafraid. I can only assume these little dudes grew up together – and are proof that it CAN be done.

I had two raccoons on my front porch – they suddenly started coming every night, so I fed them. I know, I know – probably a bad idea, but one was very lame, and his mate watched over him, “protecting” the porch steps while he ate first. She never left his side – where were they to get food if I didn’t help? He couldn’t go far, and she wouldn’t leave him.

My cat was fascinated by them, and I was worried at first, having heard stories about how quickly raccoons could turn from cute to crazy. That wasn’t going to stop me from feeding these two, however, because they were so loyal to one another, because he could barely walk, and because they were extremely polite. They would come every day after sunset, and wait until I brought the food and water. If I was late coming home, they would be waiting at a polite distance – never ON the porch, but in front of the gate, where I could see them. They never shrank from my headlights turning into the driveway, either. After eating, they would sit for a while. I would tell them about my day, and finally they would waddle and limp off. I’m pretty sure they lived under the house.

My Siamese would sit on the porch railing and watch them eat cat food (she was fed in the house.) I noticed they started to communicate with little noises. Next thing I know, she has moved from the railing to the chair by the food bowls, inches away from them, but slightly above. Finally, she started eating with them, so I just put out extra food. She would wait to eat with her friends every evening. I had stopped being afraid, because it was so obvious that they liked each other.

As time went on, I would sometimes see them late afternoon, sitting on the porch with the cat. It’s unusual for raccoons to be out and about in the day time – which is why I am fairly sure they lived under the house, and just came out when the cat was around. I also began to notice my cat coming and going from under the house, which she had never done before – she had been strictly a house cat except for when she went out to answer the call of nature.

This went on for months. Then, he died. I heard his mate crying one evening – it was actually more of a clicking and chattering noise – and found her by his body. She followed him a short time thereafter. I found her because my cat was literally keening by her body (my cat also keened when “her” dog died, then went up on the roof for a week and wouldn’t come down, so crying over another friend did not surprise me.)

After the deaths of the raccoons, my cat became much closer to my other dog. I know this is not the norm, but I also know that those animals were friends. That’s why I’m sure that the two in the little video are also friends.

While I have always had cats and dogs who were everything from nodding acquaintances to soul mates, I would never recommend purposely putting raccoons and cats near one another! But I have heard other stories, and have friends who have had similar experiences with these adorable creatures.

It happens sometimes – friendship between different species – and when it does, it’s a lovely thing to see.

Now, if we as humans could look for our similarities instead of emphasizing our differences and fighting about them, maybe we, too, could forge unusual but lasting friendships.

In this season that begs for peace on earth and good will toward our fellow men, maybe a raccoon hugging a kitty is more than just adorable.

Maybe it is a profound example of what can be done if we put aside our differences.

Happy holidays to all!

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