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Chatty Beads a Cardinals Bracelet

    Chatty wanted to bead a Cardinals bracelet to wear for the Superbowl.

    Because, Chatty is passing strange – but perhaps you who read with any regularity will already have noticed that…

    She decided the best way to do this would be on a beading loom.

    Chatty did not HAVE a beading loom, and she had certainly never beaded on one, but, what the heck?

    Besides, by the time she thought of making a bracelet, she had six whole days, so why not learn something new?

    Yeah, right.

    She made a pattern:

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Bald spot? What bald spot? Cleo has no bald spot!

    For all of those who have emailed or commented, wondering about how Cleo is doing after her attack, Chatty has good news.    Chatty would not dream of showing a picture of Cleo when she was really really bad..but here is a … Continue reading

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An open letter of apology to Donovan McNabb from an Arizonan

Dear Mr. McNabb:     I am appalled, embarrassed and ashamed that two “adults” (at least chronologically) who CALL themselves Arizona Cardinals fans took steps to destroy your lawn, to frighten your wife and children, and to provide “bad sportsmanship” with a … Continue reading

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Football History, or…oh yes, we CAN!

    Because Chatty does not wish to be penalized for “excessive celebrating” – in or out of the end zone…she will only point out that the Arizona Cardinals won today. The last time The Cardinals won the NFC Championship, it was 1947 – they were the Chicago Cardinals, and…they won against The Eagles.

    Sixty-two years later, the Cardinals won the Championship again – also against the Eagles.

    This means that the Arizona Cardinals are going to the Superbowl.

    For the first time.

    Chatty would also like to point out that Kurt Warner has now made history – by being the first quarterback to …
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2008 in Pictures

     Tink’s  assignment for the first Weekly Word Challenge of 2009 is for us to post our favorite pictures from 2008.     Chatty was stunned to realize that she has posted 482 photos on her blog since December 29, 2007!      Without further ado, here are a few … Continue reading

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The Arizona Cardinals….YEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAA!


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    Chatty is feeling blechhhhh….

    Maybe it’s just because she has to take down the Christmas tree tomorrow (and yes, she knows that is LATE). But, see…Chatty loves putting UP the Christmas tree, but taking it down depresses her a LOT.


    Moving along, the Arizona Cardinals are playing tomorrow. Any judge of sports whatsoever has informed EVERYONE IN THE WORLD that the Cardinals will lose. The Cardinals themselves say they don’t pay any attention to that, but, really?  You think? Coming from Arizona and playing in (forecasted) driving rain at less than 40 degrees…having lost EVERY TIME …
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