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Congratulations, Steelers, and…kudos to our fabulous Cardinals!

    CONGRATULATIONS to The Steelers!!!!! What a game! That last drive was one for the history books!     John Madden described the game as “The way NFL football should be played.” And other pundits are slinging around phrases like “one of the best (possibly THE best) … Continue reading

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Chatty’s Anniversary!

    Chatty would like to take a moment to thank all of the people who have supported Glimpses through the Blog on this, her FIRST ANNIVERSARY!

    On December 29 of 2007, Chatty had NO idea what she was doing – but everyone suggested that she just jump in, because the water was fine – and she was assured bloggers are nice, helpful people.

    This has proved to be so true!

    A big thank you to all who have given Chatty advice, read her fledgling efforts, left comments, and become friends in the process. Please glance on …
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Jigsaws…not just your simple puzzles anymore!

    Well, Chatty loves the tradition established years ago by her cousins – a jigsaw puzzle set up on a card table within sight of the Christmas tree…and willing participants who would walk over, gaze for a bit, then put in … Continue reading

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Brisket for Winston and Scallops for Chatty

     For those of you who may not remember (or didn’t know), Winston is Chatty’s favorite beagle. He came to dinner with his daddy on Saturday night, to see Chatty’s adopted mom and his friends Cleo and Toot – and to meet our visiting Peekapoo princess, Juliette.

    A good time was had by all, and much brisket was consumed by
everyone except Chatty. Chatty, however, ate most of the potatoes and carrots, so
things evened out nicely. Winston knows his way around a kitchen – his
daddy is an excellent cook. So to have him leave a …
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Chatty Goes North

    Chatty is headed out of town again. For those of you keeping score, that’s twice in one month – just call her peripatetic
(she has always wanted to use that word in a sentence…)

    Chatty’s good friend N’awlins Nurse has arrived for a visit, which in itself is cause for celebration.  Ike having bypassed New Orleans (although NN had to evacuate for
Gustav…), she was able to make her trip as scheduled. Of course, our hearts go out to the victims of Ike, but Chatty is really glad her friend didn’t have to evacuate twice in two …

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A Dog’s Diary

    My friend Chatty has asked me to be her VERY FIRST guest author, because she wanted my thoughts on how a dog chooses what kind of a dog to be…     Well, at first, I thought I wanted to be big … Continue reading

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The Beautiful and Totally Unexpected Gift

    A short time ago, The Wiz did a very difficult computer job for a lady who is a quilter. She had an extremely expensive software embroidery/quilting program that was refusing to install or to work properly, and the company’s tech … Continue reading

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