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Pandora rocks, and We Didn’t Light the Fire!

    Chatty has a couple of great finds for you to check out!     First up, Pandora.     This is an internet radio station – but with a difference. A big difference. Chatty is getting no kudos or kick-backs from the site, but … Continue reading

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Chatty’s two-legged “treasures”

    Chatty would like to thank all those who emailed and commented about how cute her two-legged treasures were in the last Weekly Word Challenge.     Ordinarily, she would leave it at that, but because several of you were kind enough to … Continue reading

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Chatty’s perfect 30-minute spring dinner

    Chatty has eaten some fabulous food over the past few days, and borrowing a bit from several wonderful meals, she has decided upon the perfect spring dinner:  broiled orange roughy, asparagus, potatoes, and strawberry salad.     In addition to tasting wonderful, … Continue reading

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Treasures and Junk

    For those readers who have been playing along – you already know about Tuesdays! For any of you who don’t know – in brief, every Tuesday Chatty plays a game called “Weekly Word Challenge”. Anyone with a camera and access … Continue reading

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The Great Easter Egg Hunt of 2008

    Chatty is blessed with a wonderful extended family here in Arizona.     Not only does The Wiz have his son, daughter-in-law, two grandsons, his ex-brother-in-law and the most wonderful ex-wife on the planet (all of whom have been kind enough to … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

   Chatty wishes to thank all of you who sent birthday wishes, and to say thank you and hello to all of you who were kind enough to drop by after reading her guest-blog over at Derfwad Manor yesterday. Most especially, thanks … Continue reading

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It’s the first day of Spring – and Chatty has been given gifts!

    Today is the first day of Spring!      It is also Chatty’s birthday. Chatty just loves it when the vernal equinox falls on her day of birth, as it does this year.     Plus, what Chatty can only consider to be another gift … Continue reading

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