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A New Necklace

    Chatty has finally finished one of the necklaces she is making for her sister-in-law – JUST in time to take it to LA and give to her next week.     It took forever to bring this together to Chatty’s satisfaction, but she is finally … Continue reading

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The Sacred Blue Cenote of Chichen Itza

    We stopped on our way to Chichen Itza for lunch, and a chance to swim in the sacred Blue Cenote.     The entrance to the cenote complex was gorgeous – flame trees, hibiscus, thatched buildings, trees that looked like ancient sculpture, … Continue reading

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At long last – some pictures from Mexico

    Chatty would like to thank those few readers who stick with her through thick and thin.    Chatty has not recently been either a loyal or a good blogger. Partly because she was sick, partly because she didn’t have much to say, … Continue reading

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Packing, Chatty-style

    Chatty is deep into organizing and planning for her first trip on an airplane in over 4 years.    Chatty is accustomed to going on her vacations by car – which she loads to the gills for a mere weekend trip to the … Continue reading

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Chatty’s Tomato has turned RED!

    Oh, the excitement!     Chatty wandered out in the back yard yesterday to check on her tomatoes. When Chatty says “tomatoes”, she means…two.     One cherry-sized tomato – and one so small you could feed it to Barbie and she’d still want … Continue reading

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Chatty’s First Tomato – re-visited

    Do you remember how excited Chatty was about Chatty’s First Tomato?        Well, Chatty does, too!    Here is the picture of her first (and only, so far) tomato, which was taken about 3 weeks ago::                          The following picture was taken today, of the same tomato:                          Can … Continue reading

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Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

                            And, spring has definitely sprung! Chatty got her first daffodils…and what better receptacle than Gary’s beautiful teapot?                Chatty had a wonderful weekend – what with peace breaking out in the great nations of “CAT” and “DOG” – and is hoping you did, … Continue reading

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