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The Wiz is a published author!

    Attention all online surfers! The Wiz is riding the wave of the future. One of his books (he has written three) has been published online – and it is now available world-wide for downloading!     The book is “Roadkill”, and the author is John Rasor … Continue reading

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Non-gender specific – Yay or Nay?

Chatty was meandering her way home from the post office, having just posted four Christmas packages AFTER HOURS, using the special postage machine/box/miracle. Chatty *hearts* this marvelous machine.

She was humming along to the 24/7 Christmas radio station, and was stopped at the light by the community college. Having time to look around, she noticed the flashing “cool” traveling sign at the
front entrance – the one that notes upcoming events, when classes for the new semester begin, etc. It’s very eye-catching.

So, Chatty was watching it flash, …
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The Sacred Blue Cenote of Chichen Itza

    We stopped on our way to Chichen Itza for lunch, and a chance to swim in the sacred Blue Cenote.     The entrance to the cenote complex was gorgeous – flame trees, hibiscus, thatched buildings, trees that looked like ancient sculpture, … Continue reading

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Chatty is not dead…

No, dear people who have wondered why Chatty is so silent these days – she is NOT dead…

She has just fallen into the world known as Facebook…
As her friend Heather says – it’s blogging for those with ADHD!
Instant gratification! It’s a real buzz, folks!
Happily, Chatty has discovered that most of the people who read her blog regularly are ALSO on Facebook – so they understand this current obsession of hers…
Chatty DOES have more pictures of Mexico, and wants to report on her tomato crop (insert horse laugh here)…
But…for the moment – Facebook has her mesmerized…
Chatty WILL return…

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At long last – some pictures from Mexico

    Chatty would like to thank those few readers who stick with her through thick and thin.    Chatty has not recently been either a loyal or a good blogger. Partly because she was sick, partly because she didn’t have much to say, … Continue reading

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Miko, Movita…and Michael Jackson

    As those of you who follow my blog know, I have not been well. I had planned to come back with many pictures from my trip to Mexico, and will do so soon, because I am finally feeling better.     However, … Continue reading

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Under the Weather

    Chatty is far more under the weather than she at first thought.    Sadly, it is not the kind of “under the weather” that would have ended up with Chatty having free vacations to Mexico for the next three years – because that … Continue reading

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