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Chatty goes to a Carnival

    Chatty had a marvelous birthday weekend – and thanks to all who sent good wishes!    Last Saturday night, Chatty was coming home from a birthday party for a friend whose birthday was one day after hers – and noticed that there … Continue reading

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Chatty’s First Tomato!

    Chatty has grown a tomato!


    She is so excited, she took a picture…

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More irises…and Chatty’s favorite card

    Chatty has two more irises! The first iris to bloom is at the back, with a bud showing, and the one in front has two buds just underneath it that will probably be out by the weekend…                          And, Chatty has … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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Ikebana at the Art Museum – and a brief train ride

    Not too long ago, Chatty and her friend JSP had a nice afternoon at the Phoenix Art Museum.    We decided to take the new Metro Rail, even though it entailed driving out of our way so that we could “park and ride” … Continue reading

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Dustmop v. Debutante – you decide!


Chatty is still reeling from the Superbowl, but, life keeps going – and Toot’s hair keeps growing!

So, Chatty Steelers steeled herself -and made an appointment with the groomer, for Toot to be shorn.

Here is a picture of our little dustmop before being shaved:

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Congratulations, Steelers, and…kudos to our fabulous Cardinals!

    CONGRATULATIONS to The Steelers!!!!! What a game! That last drive was one for the history books!     John Madden described the game as “The way NFL football should be played.” And other pundits are slinging around phrases like “one of the best (possibly THE best) … Continue reading

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