Cardinals DO Fly!

The Cardinals v. Packers game has just been described as “heart-attack inducing”…and that is pretty darned accurate. I figure that the last Packer touchdown before overtime took at least 3 years off my life. HOLY COW! This stuff just doesn’t usually happen. And if it DOES happen, it rarely happens in a PLAY-OFF game! Yes, crappy football was played. Stupid penalties were incurred. But – and here’s the BUT – amazing football was ALSO played. BY BOTH TEAMS. I loathe Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews. But only for tonight. (Well, that’s not accurate. I’m OK with Rodgers but I will NEVER be OK with #52, because he is a rude toad and a jackass both on and off the field. I’m sure he’ll be crushed to learn this.) The Packers played one HELL of a game. However, and I must emphasize this – THE CARDINALS FRICKIN’ WON! It wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W. LARRY FITZGERALD is god-like tonight. I wanna watch it ALL over again – but only because I know how it comes out!

Maggie-beth Rees Rasor's photo.

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setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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