Best Comeback EVER!

I have spoken of our neighbor kid Cheeto – and his love for the orange powdered clouds, hockey, baseball and ice cream.

Cheeto has a younger brother. I think J.D. is around 5. He speaks quickly and often unintelligibly.

This didn’t matter when I didn’t see him very much, but now he has taken a liking to me. (See my post “Maggie the Knife”.)

Tonight, bored with the hockey game everyone else was watching, he came over to see me. We were discussing world matters, as we do – and he said something I could not, with the best will in the world, translate into recognizable form.

Me: J.D. – sometimes you are very difficult to understand.

J.D.: It’s OK. I understand me just fine.”

Those words were spoken with bell-like clarity.

This kid is going to go far. He’s already nailed the important part – understanding himself.


About merseamersea

setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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