New Shoes

Folks, this post is for shoe lovers only – the rest of you would be bored stiff. Non-shoe people should take this opportunity to read from the archives, where there are predominantly non-shoe stories. Thanks for stopping by!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

For me, buying a pair of new shoes is like a mini-vacation.

I’m not talking about shoes you HAVE to buy – for work, or for an event, or because your old pair wore out.

I’m talking about a pair of shoes you fall in love with and can actually afford to buy.

This happened to me during the big Easter sale at Skechers.

A friend of mine was wearing an adorable pair of sparkly multi-colored sandals last time I saw her. With trepidation, I asked where she had gotten them. I say “with trepidation” because 9 times out of 10, the answer is a breezy “Oh, these? I got them in Mexico a couple of years ago.” Or, “I bought the last pair on sale at Nordstrom’s.” Or, “I can’t remember – they were in some catalog, but it was 5 years ago.” In other words – not a chance I’m going to find those shoes.

But I got lucky. She had bought them at a local store, and recently. To add whipped cream to this delicious happenstance, she had bought them at the store’s OUTLET. The cherry on top? Everything at the outlet was ON SALE over the Easter weekend.

I got to the store, and they actually had the shoes. What are the odds? I was in heaven. I was told they are “very popular”. This meant that I would probably be seeing this particular model on feet all around town this summer and beyond. I didn’t care.

I tried on the shoes, but they were too big in my usual size. I tried them a half size smaller, and they were comfortable, but something was “off” with the right one. Like most people, my right foot is bigger than my left (reverse that if your left hand and foot are dominant, of course), so it was strange that the right shoe seemed bigger on my foot. Oh well, I had my shoes. I could work with the wonky one, right?

Took them home and started swanning around the house to “break them in”. It just got wronger and wronger. My heel was coming up out of the right shoe with every step. Bummer.

This meant I was going to have to return them. *shudder*

One of the things I dislike most in this world is returning things to the store. I don’t want an argument, and I certainly don’t deserve the evil side-eye. I never try to fiddle things – like wearing a dress to a party and then returning it the next day for a refund. However, I am almost always TREATED like I’m trying to pull something. Perhaps you know what I mean. I guess most store employees are just pretty world-weary now, and assume guilt until innocence is proven.

In this case, it was an outlet, which I assumed would make returning something even more difficult.

I was wrong. I am happy to admit it. The salesperson immediately agreed with me that one shoe was larger than the other. She went in the back, and found me two other pairs to try on.


The shoes she brought out were better, but I had the same problem to a lesser extent.

So, it was obviously my feet, and I was bereft – until I noticed that they had the same sparkly braided material in a shoe with CLOSED toes. Hmmmm. I tried those on – too big, and same problem with the heel. I went down half a size. Same problem. Went down a FULL size and – BINGO! Shoes fit! I can only assume that since I have narrow feet and most shoes are sized “B”, that when the back of the shoe is closed and the toe is open, my toes push toward the front, leaving my heel flapping up and out of the heel of the shoe.

In any case, I bought the closed-toe model, rather than the open-toed one. They are adorable. When I sashay around in the new shoes, I feel like a new person. I spend time figuring out which clothes look good with the shoes. I wonder about where I will go wearing the new shoes.

Of course, the thrill will wear off. But for now, it’s a mini-vacation.

Because – when I click my (well-fitting) heels three times – I’m in Candyland!



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