A New Necklace

    Chatty has finally finished one of the necklaces she is making for her sister-in-law – JUST in time to take it to LA and give to her next week.
    It took forever to bring this together to Chatty’s satisfaction, but she is finally pleased with the results. 

    The pendant is glass – hand-blown by her artist son – so Chatty used painted glass beads as accents, along with oblong carnelians, white quartz, and iridescent Japanese seed beads. It is double-strung on very fine wire, and has a copper clasp. 

    Chatty hopes she likes it!



    Chatty and The Wiz are heading to Los Angeles on Monday (by way of Lake Gregory and a flying visit with a dear friend there.) We will be cramming a lot of activities into our week – this is the first time we have been back to Los Angeles in three years, so we have many friend to see and lots of favorite haunts to visit.

    We will be back on October 6. Until then – later, alligators!


About merseamersea

setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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4 Responses to A New Necklace

  1. kcinnova says:

    I love it when you post your beadwork! Have a great trip. 🙂

  2. farmerswife says:

    Howdy! Pretty necklace. Hope you are having a wonderful time. I’m checkin’ on your farm for ya. 😉

  3. CCC says:

    Thanks! We had a great time. I didn’t have much internet access, so the first thing I did when I got home tonight was to harvest my trees and take care of my poor pink animals! I have to re-arrange the whole farm now – put the barn in the middle – re-distribute my plots, then start planting. But I’m too tired to start that project tonight!

  4. Irais says:

    That’s a mold-breekar. Great thinking!

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