At long last – some pictures from Mexico

    Chatty would like to thank those few readers who stick with her through thick and thin.

    Chatty has not recently been either a loyal or a good blogger. Partly because she was sick, partly because she didn’t have much to say, partly because she was depressed about that, and partly because she is lazy.

    Also, Chatty must point out that her computer has been re-loaded 3 times in the past 3 weeks. A Nasty Virus. The Wiz KNOWS what the virus is, but…well…he just wanted to see what it could actually do. He has fixed everything, of course, and learned much in the process.  And this falls far short of an excuse for not blogging – because he fixed it within hours of the occurrence.

    However, Chatty just lost interest in her blog for a bit. 

    Partly because, as many bloggers do, Chatty lives for comments – and the only people who comment are those who are either relatives, close friends, or the few who genuinely enjoy Chatty’s blog, and actually follow it – although we have never met – as opposed to the people who only comment if Chatty leaves comments on THEIR sites, or buys products from them. Chatty is pretty much through with that. 

    Friends, relatives – and KCINNOVA (you know who you are, my internet friend), thanks from the bottom of my heart for caring and commenting whether or not I comment on your site from week to week. I love you all.

    Let’s face it – not much happens to Chatty from day to day. She is certainly not as interesting as her fellow bloggers. In fact, Chatty’s life is pretty boring.

    Now! Enough of the half-assed excuses, and the pity party!

    Chatty DID go to Cancun, and she has pictures.

    She has finally managed to downsize some pictures to the extent that they are acceptable to GoDaddy. 

    Chatty will start with our journey to Chichen Itza. Notice Chatty said JOURNEY – not Chichen Itza itself.

    The reason is that Chatty had never been to any Mexican town that wasn’t either a “border town” (Tijuana, Nogales, etc.) or a “tourist town (Puerto Penasco/Rocky Point) – so she was particularly interested to see what an actual Mexican town that wasn’t dedicated to the Almighty American Dollar looked like.

    She found this Mayan town beautiful. It was on our way to Chichen Itza, and for the life of her she cannot remember its name. This is probably because she couldn’t pronounce it when she first heard it – much less remember it. Bad Chatty. *sigh*


    The church and its grounds emcompass one whole block surrounding the town square. It is a Catholic church, but has all sorts of Mayan symbols in bas relief on its doors:

    It is truly a lovely thing to see.

    The other three sides of the square are businesses, hotels, etc. They are all painted in the most beautiful ice-cream colors – here is the one side I was able to catch (because all of these photos were taken from the bus…)

    Chatty was lucky to get a shot of the huge Mexican flag that was flying just outside the main town square as our bus passed by:

    And inside the square, in the middle, was a lovely statue of a woman.

    This is unusual, because it is one of only two or three statues of women in the whole of Mexico to have the position in the center of a town square. (Chatty apologizes for not getting a shot – but the bus was moving.) It was explained to us by our Mayan guide that the Mayans are a matriarchal society – which is why they chose a woman to be honored in this town’s square.

    Here are a few more shots Chatty managed to take while passing through the town:

    Here’s an elementary school – Chatty loved the trees painted on the side of the building:

    As Chatty mentioned, she had never been to a Mexican town that was not dedicated to tourists like herself. So, these pictures are not particularly interesting, except maybe to those of you who, like Chatty, have no idea what a “real” Mexican town looks like. That’s why Chatty decided to post them:

    Finally (at least for this post) this was Chatty’s first glimse of the incredible “flame trees’ of which she had heard, but had never seen. They are magnificent. No pictures can possibly do them justice. The sight of them takes one’s breath away:

    Note that the road to the left leads to Chichen Itza – which is where we headed.

    More pictures to follow!


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11 Responses to At long last – some pictures from Mexico

  1. I guess I’m a bad bloggie too, Chatty, because I have been really bad about leaving comments as of late…but I do want you to know from the bottom of my heart how happy I am that you are back!!!And what beautiful shots you got of Mexico! I love the one from town square with all the different colored buckets hanging outside the store front…great, great shot!

  2. Heather says:

    Hey Chatty!! Missed ya! See, you didn’t think it mattered – it does. I know, I know, I’ve been absent from my blog a LOOOONNNNGGGG time too! Like you, I just don’t have much to say. Well, ok that’s not really true. I ALWAYS have a lot to say, but felt I was using my blog as a place to complain too much. That wasn’t what I wanted my blog to be, so I just stopped for a while. That, and the fact I went back to work part time last July. It’s been a crazy year! Great pictures of Mexico!! Beautiful! I love all the vivid colors! I’m still hoping you’ll come find me on Facebook!! That, I do make time for. It’s like blogging for the ADHD! LOL! Heather (The Redneck Princess)

  3. gary says:

    What a gorgeous and colorful place!

  4. Cate says:

    What great photos! I am one of those who have only been to border towns, so I very much appreciate a glimpse into the interior, and it looks just lovely. I missed your Chatty blogs!! Welcome back. Could The Whiz come and fix one of my computers that had 27 viruses and that still isn’t working properly, please?!!!XO

  5. Pat says:

    Thanks for the 5 minute vacation to Mexico–Your pictures were so interesting it was like taking a quick vacation. I am glad you had a great time.

  6. Harry Martin says:

    When we cruised to Mexico *many* times, some of our favorite memories are from when we went outside the big cities (Mazatlan, etc) and into the smaller towns. The people are so friendly, and you don’t see a gazillion T-shirt shops. I’m happy you got to see a segment of Mexico most don’t — too many people all of Mexico is like Tijuana.

  7. Sharon McBean says:

    Glad you are feeling better and back to your blog. Been waiting for your photos. Great photos of the town and the flame trees are amazing. Also loved the trees painted on the building. Looking forward to more! Love, Cuz

  8. CCC says:

    Cate – thanks for the kind words – in fact, thank you everyone for saying nice things about the photos – I am a bit proud of these, because they were taken from a moving bus! And what a bus it was – more about that in the upcoming blog about Chichen Itza, I promise.But to the more important point – Cate – CALL The Wiz. He will probably be able to talk you through getting rid of some of the viruses, and be able to tell you where to go to get help with the rest. PLEASE call soon. We will be out on Saturday – a friend is celebrating her end of chemotherapy with a big barbecue – but we (or at least The Wiz) will be home on Sunday. I may end up driving to Blythe to meet Tonge and take her dog home with me because she’s headed to Tahoe for 10 days. Blythe is about in the middle between us – she’s near San Bernardino. But I will be home Sunday evening for sure. So, CALL! You shouldn’t keep working on a computer with a bunch of viruses on it – it could corrupt your files eventually.

  9. kcinnova says:

    Chatty, I just got back from vacation (not in Mexico) and am in the midst of a root canal procedure (the worst part is over, but I have to go back)… hence the reason I did not comment before now! I confess, I have only been to Nuevo Laredo and Tijuana, both of which made me not want to go to Mexico again. Your photos, however, remind me of Santa Fe before it became a place for the rich to stay and play, which makes me think I should give it another try someday. I’m impressed that you took great photos from a moving bus!

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  11. Deena says:

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