Packing, Chatty-style

    Chatty is deep into organizing and planning for her first trip on an airplane in over 4 years.

    Chatty is accustomed to going on her vacations by car – which she loads to the gills for a mere weekend trip to the mountains. Chatty’s mother used to refer to this as “traveling Okie-style” – which she was, after all, allowed to do – being from Oklahoma herself.

    So, packing for 7 days and keeping it to 50 pounds per bag is quite a challenge. Happily, it is summertime, so Chatty does not have to worry about packing sweaters, heavy shoes, parkas, etc.

    No, it’s just shorts, bathing suits, and sandals.

    And laptops, and cameras, and video cameras, and sewing projects, and books, and batteries, and sunscreen and sun hats and instant tea for The Wiz, and sweetener and lemon packets to go in the tea, and snacks and…

    Chatty is cheered by the fact that in addition to a bag each to be checked (linear measurement not to exceed 62 inches, and weight not to exceed 50 pounds), Chatty and The Wiz are also both allowed a carry-on bag. The Wiz will carry on the computer case – on wheels and capable of carrying (Chatty hopes) not only the laptop but also the DVD player, the video camera and the digital camera. 

    We shall see.

    Chatty’s own carry-on (not to exceed 45 linear inches and 40 pounds) will take all the odds and ends.

    Naturally, Chatty can’t go anywhere for 7 days without  a couple of her needlework projects:

    And a book or three:


    And a few other things to make a little home away from home for a week:


    Oh – in case you were wondering about the hat – it is very light-weight, and crushable. No problem with the hat!

    So, does anyone besides The Wiz foresee any problem with these few items fitting neatly into Chatty’s carry-on?


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9 Responses to Packing, Chatty-style

  1. Cate says:

    Chatty is being very reasonable in her packing plan of action. Or, it is at least exactly what I do, therefore I see nothing wrong with it!!! One does want to have those things of comfort from home while also having enough projects and books…that would keep one busy for at least four times the actual travel time!!! Bon voyage!

  2. gary says:

    DON’T FORGET THE LOLLYPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Surprised I don’t see a wee little dog in there too…

  3. kcinnova says:

    I’m going to bet that Chatty is an excellent packer! The worst part of a carry-on is they look through it and mess up your difficult packing/fitting of everything in its place — and then it is a bear trying to make it fit again.Yay, you, for the hat! I always forget to bring one. I am most impressed with your project organization. Mine end up in separate plastic bags and then I lose them in piles of junk around the house. (And I forget about them because I am busy trying to read a book or two!) I’m nearly done with “Loving Frank” – it was discussed at book club last month, but I didn’t manage to read it in time. I’ve love to hear your opinions about it when you are done with it. Ditto on “The Shack” which I read last summer (and liked).

  4. kcinnova says:

    Oh, and for your carry-on luggage: your liquids must be 3oz or less and fit into a quart-sized ziploc bag. You’ll have to have it on top because they make you take it out and put it into the tray separately (the baggie, not everything in your carry-on). Have a fun trip!

  5. CCC says:

    yes, thanks – I found that out the hard way, because I had bought 4 oz bottles long ago, back when you were allowed 4 ounces, then read the TSA website and had to go out and buy 3 oz. bottles. I’m thinking of packing all liquids in the checked luggage – although I should probably have a few things in case they lose our luggage. Also in case of that, I plan to pack some of each of our clothing in each suitcase – so if they lose one bag, we will still both have something to wear. I thought I was SO clever to think of that – turns out experienced packers do it as a matter of course!Thanks for your good wishes!

  6. CCC says:

    Thank you for your support, and for understanding these things. Think about it –  if one takes only ONE book, what if one bores of that book? What if one wants a change of pace? Answer: take more than one book! What if one bores of working on one needlepoint project? Answer: take more than one project. To Chatty, this seems simplicity itself, but The Wiz feels she could compact and compress a bit. To make more room for the 1001 DVDs he plans to take, because he doesn’t know what he’ll want to watch. Does this sound to anyone besides Chatty a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

  7. CCC says:

    Oh, never! In fact, that one is there just to remind Chatty to take several. And, they are MAGIC lollipops – they keep one from being hungry if one is far away from food. Of course, it must be stated here and now that Chatty has NO intention of being more than a block from food at any time during her stay in Cancun, but still – she likes to be prepared.Chatty so wishes she could fit the doggies into her carry-on, but alas, airline regulations forbid taking two, as does Chatty’s hotel, so she is happy that they are going to stay with the wonderful Winston, their favorite beagle while Chatty and The Wiz are away. They will be cossetted and content. They probably won’t even miss Chatty *sob*

  8. Tink says:

    Wow! You want to pack for ME when I leave town? Hehe.

  9. Githa says:

    IMHO you’ve got the right awnser!

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