DeGrazia’s Little Chapel

    Chatty and Book Girl had a wonderful time in Tucson.

    We ate at one “so-so” vegetarian restaurant (so-so because the hype had led us to believe it was more than just your average Indian restaurant, and it wasn’t…it was OK Indian food, but Chatty can get EXCELLENT Indian food right here in Glendale – and moreover, the food is HOT, rather than lukewarm – but still – the atmosphere was calming and pleasant, and how many restaurants can you say that about?). The other place was a really good vegetarian restaurant – so good that we had dinner there and then went back for breakfast the next day before we headed out of town.

    But Chatty, who lives to take photographs – FORGOT to take EITHER of her digital cameras.


    Sad, isn’t it?

    Luckily, her cell phone has a decent camera in it, so at least she was able to capture a few memories!

    Our accomodations were lovely (as they should have been, considering the prices listed – Chatty did it as a timeshare, luckily – or she would never have been able to afford it!):

(that whole building was ours, don’tcha know…and Chatty couldn’t get all of it in the picture no matter how far back she stood)

    This is a portion of the main room – we had bedrooms on either side, two bathrooms, and a kitchen and laundry room…and the room was MUCH prettier than this looks!

    View of golf course from our patio

    View from Chatty’s bedroom window

    We went to DeGrazia’s Gallery in the Sun:

    Entrance gate

    Chatty took MANY pictures of the chapel, so she is just going to show most of them to you here:

    The chapel is open to the sky, day and night, 365 days a year. Through the open skylight, you can see the little cross at the top of the chapel, the hills beyond and the sky above. Pictures cannot do his chapel justice – especially when taken with Chatty’s cell phone –

but Chatty feels DeGrazia’s whimsical yet spiritual wall paintings should be viewed by as many people as possible – despite the fact that her pictures fall far short of their vibrant reality:

    Chatty was thrilled to be able to see this little chapel again after so many years. It is a peaceful, friendly place.

    It  soothed her soul and brought back happy memories.


    For those of you who go on to read the comments for this post and are therefore interested in meeting Winston, the bi-lingual-DeGrazia-loving beagle, he has kindly forwarded this photograph of himself. It is of his eyes only, as he wants us to concentrate on the “windows of his soul” as he thinks about his favorite artist – which he assures Chatty he WAS doing when this photo was taken.  DeGrazia, who passed away in 1982, was a native Arizonan, and will always be one of our state’s greatest treasures…at least, that is what Chatty THINKS Winston said in his email to her enclosing this picture…she is not as fluent in “beagle” as she should be…



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19 Responses to DeGrazia’s Little Chapel

  1. Winston says:

    Doña Chatty Bendita: Me encantan los fotos del DeGrazia. ¿Sabes que “EL” DeGrazia pintó una muralla en el bar 305 que acabó de existir en Phoenix hace tres o cuatro años? Mrs. Chatty Blessed One: I love the photos of the DeGrazias. Did you know that DeGrazia painted a wall at the bar “305” that existed in Phoenix until just three or four years ago?____ I, Winston, the Beagle, know this because my human is this totally wierd guy that is interested in totally wierd things and talks in his sleep. Yes, I, Winston, am a Beagle, but I’ve got these HUGE ears and I like to turn them on during the night like a HUGE ORGANIC TAPE RECORDER and take in all my human tells me when he talks during his sleep. Thus, I am BEAGLE, ARIZONA BEAGLE and PROUD of DeGRAZIA. Should you have Beagle needs please inquire, my rates are simple and may require no more than a few morsels to satisfy your interrogative needs. Al fin y al cabo mi bendita Chatty (in English “in the end my blessed Chatty”) Cheers!

  2. Chatty! Your phone’s camera kicks ***!!! thanks for sharing your photos…It looks like you had an excellent adventure!

  3. kcinnova says:

    The landscape makes me sigh with its beauty. There is something so incredibly soulful about the Southwest… I’m not sure if it is a childhood memory of spending time with my grandparents (lived in Santa Fe) or just a connection I feel with the land. Thank you for sharing your photos of the Chapel. I’d love to see the rest of your photographs!

  4. gary says:

    Oh Chatty! Thanks for the beautiful tour! And your phone took very good pics.BTW–3 of the 4 mugs you asked about are pictured at potsblog–lemme know what you think?

  5. P A Bees says:

    Those are lovely photos, Chatty! I would love to tee off on that course. I’ve joined the WWC, won’t you please stop by and see mine?

  6. Aunt Jackie says:

    Oh my lord Chatty!! I am totally in love with Arizona now, and as afraid as I might be of the big fat snakes and gargantuan poison bugs, I find myself wanting to be there! Fortunately, with your post, you made me feel like I was there already. 🙂

  7. Janet says:

    What beautiful photos, thank you for sharing them with us! And those eyes ARE quite soulful 🙂

  8. Sharon McBean says:

    I had forgotten how much I love deGrazia and I think your cell phone took great photos. Thank you for sharing all the photos of the chapel – those are special.Cousin Sharon

  9. gary says:

    WINSTON!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!I will make a square handled angel mug too, and the black w/ frog has been finished and glazed and awaits the Cornell kilns! Thanks Chatty!

  10. Tink says:

    What beautiful photos! I love, love, love all the wall art. What a neat trip.

  11. E Cigarette says:

    Spasibochki:) Classroom theme, write to the bowl – you get good:)

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