Cat One – Dogs Zero

    At the moment, Chatty and The Wiz have two dogs – Cleo and Toot; one resident cat – Fluffy; and two “volunteer” kitties – Dos and Domino. Domino just comes to eat. Dos comes to eat, too, but he often sticks around to annoy the dogs as well…

    Since Toot has been around, things have been livelier Chez Chatty. Toot loves to play, and Cleo is now discovering how fun it is to have a cohort.

    Cleo wasn’t too enthusiastic the first week or so, having been an “only” dog for quite some time, but now she and Toot run around in tandem – they often match each other pace for pace trotting around the house (well, two paces of Cleo’s to each one pace of Toot’s, but synchronized). They seem to be on a mission, but it’s usually a secret mission, at least to The Wiz and Chatty. We only know for SURE what the plan is when it involves one of the two volunteer kitties.

    It took Toot a while to figure out that there are unpleasant consequences if she dares to tease Fluffy (Fluffy is 14, she is the “alpha” of the pack, and she refuses to play), and if Toot tries anyway, Chatty or The Wiz weigh in on Fluffy’s side:


    But the two volunteers kitties are fair game, so the dogs chivvy and stalk and chase them with abandon. They have a great time. One of the cats (Domino) doesn’t like it so much. The other one (Dos) LOVES it.


    In fact, when he’s in the mood, Dos will even instigate the action.

    For instance, a couple of days ago, merriment abounded.

    The players:



    Dos swanked around back and forth in the kitchen the other day to get the dogs’ attention, then dashed out the doggie door. Chatty was at the kitchen sink, and could see outside as well as inside. Instead of running once he was outside, Dos crouched outside by the doggie door, and swatted Cleo as she came through to chase him. She was stunned, because she didn’t SEE him – he was hiding – how unfair, and how unexpected! She raced back inside. Toot went next.


    Another swat. Another stunned doggie – where did that COME from?

    Dos didn’t use his claws or anything – he just swatted at the little idiots every time they attempted to get out the doggie door. They got wise fairly fast – considering that neither of them are rocket scientists – so they would inch a head through the doggie door, then retreat when they saw a paw coming at them. Dos kept it up for about 10 minutes, then got bored and wandered away. But the dogs didn’t KNOW he was gone, so they paced the kitchen and peeked out the doggie door for several more minutes, until Toot finally took the bull by the horns and raced through the doggie door, barking and hell-bent for leather. She made it through, so Cleo followed. They were quite proud of themselves, though Chatty can’t imagine why.

    But, simple pleasures for simple doggies!

    Dos was by now sitting atop the back fence, watching them search for him. They charged around the yard, sniffing, growling, muttering, and puzzled.

    Sadly, it never occurred to them to look UP.


    Dos finally yowled to get their attention, and a frenzy of jumping and barking ensued. The dogs were at least four feet from the target above them at all times, but they kept leaping and yapping.

    Dos strolled slowly along the length of the back fence, tail swishing, dogs following and yipping hysterically below. He turned to look back at them just before he disappeared into his own back yard. 

    Did you know that cats can laugh?

    It was hilarious.

    Chatty enjoys a bit of cabaret while she’s making dinner…


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6 Responses to Cat One – Dogs Zero

  1. kcinnova says:

    This was a great story to go with my morning coffee! Thank you for the smiles, Chatty! 🙂

  2. Yes, cats are smarter than dogs.

  3. CCC says:

    That may be true – but it seems to me that dogs have more fun!

  4. farmerswife says:

    Too funny! I giggled the whole read!

  5. I miss the laughter of a kitty in my home. Dos looks much like my Max *sniff, sniff* (insert pouty lip here) They do bring so much joy to every day life.

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