Butterflies are free – and thus far, so is the food…

    Now that Chatty and The Wiz have joined the Chamber of Commerce, Chatty is becoming a social butterfly. The Wiz is also becoming more social, but he refuses to be a butterfly.

    First, we attended the “new members blender”. The Wiz gave a little speech, and we had our pictures taken with other new members, which appeared a few days later in the Chamber of Commerce’s newspaper – it’s too big and too professional to be called a newsletter – along with the “stats” of our new business, Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy.

    This would (at least publicly) have embarrassed Chatty’s grandmother, because in her generation, a woman’s name should only be mentioned in a newspaper three times in her life – at her birth, her marriage, and her death. But privately, Chatty thinks her Nana would have been rather proud – and Chatty’s mom DEFINITELY would be happy about this.

    Of course, they would mostly have been proud of The Wiz, because this is his accomplishment.

    Truthfully, Chatty’s name has already appeared in newspapers a few other times – but they have all been SMALL papers, and since none of them have been a Police Gazette, Chatty’s OK with it, too.

    And even better – the picture isn’t too bad.


    The Wiz sort of has his eyes closed, but Chatty looks OK, so it evens out – especially as The Wiz is so darned photogenic most of the time – whereas Chatty usually looks like she is swelling up due to anaphylactic shock whenever she smiles in a photo.  Can you say “chipmunk cheeks”? And if – adding insult to injury – the photograph is in color, she usually looks like an over-ripe tomato to boot…Chatty is telling the truth here. Ask anyone who knows her.

    Since our first meet-and-greet, The Wiz has been to a breakfast meeting, a lunch meeting, and is scheduled to do a presentation at the Kiwanis lunch meeting on May 14th. He is busy preparing his notes, and has already created some really nicely done handouts of handy hints on various computer topics. Chatty is very proud of him, because, although unaccustomed to public speaking, he’s taking to all of this like a duck to water. He may actually even be enjoying it…

    We attended another “mixer” a couple of days ago, but that one was just for fun – The Wiz didn’t even have to make a speech – they just plied us with food and drinks and we went around swapping stories with people. The restaurant/bar where the mixer was held

is located at the new Westgate Center, and overlooks the dancing fountains that were created by the same guy who created the fountains for the Bellagio in Las Vegas. They are beautiful, and especially nice to view from above.


    Then, the next day, we attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new 3-restaurant complex (also at the Westgate Center – which is the huge new shopping/hotel/restaurant complex next to Glendale’s state-of-the-art stadium where the Superbowl was held this past February). All three places fed and entertained us. One is a trendy pizza and salad place called Picazzo’s; the second is Be, an art deco Japanese restaurant that specializes in martinis of all descriptions and sushi (and not just sushi – really good tempura and gyozas, too); and the third is Pascoti – a fabulous place that serves up lattes, frozen yogurt, and gelatos.  They had taiko drums and dancers for entertainment in the courtyard that joins the three establishments, and it was all lovely.

    Next month, the mixer is being held at Jimmy Buffet’s place


    Since Chatty loves his music, and has been known to hoist a margarita, she can’t wait!  

    Chatty is very happy she has found such a wonderful new hometown, and is proud of the great strides the city of Glendale is taking to put itself on the national map, making it an even more wonderful place to live, and to visit.

    Her only worry is that all this frivolous socializing important networking at places that serve delicious food will wreak havoc with her diet…but it’s a risk she is willing to take if it means getting The Wiz work for his new computer business.

    As far as Chatty is concerned, no sacrifice is too big – as long as it entails fun people, good food, and the occasional cocktail.

    Chatty is SUCH a good wife.


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5 Responses to Butterflies are free – and thus far, so is the food…

  1. gary says:

    Visit Glendale??? Heck yes! Cocktails by your pool next February??? Thanks!

  2. Did you purposely wear butterflies to signify your new Social Butterfly life?!

  3. CCC says:

    Hey Jenn – you’re the only one who noticed – sharp eyes, indeed. Actually, it was the reverse – looking at the picture  was what made me think of the blog title – of course, my choice of dress may have been a subconscious wish to express myself ; )

  4. Heather says:

    Oh Chatty, reading this has made me miss my involvement in the Chamber of Commerce even more!! See, I too was able to hubbub in all this glory before beginning homeschooling with my boys. For years I wrote for the local newspaper covering all the Chamber events; ribbon cuttings, new business openings, various functions, etc… Then, I started my own public relations business, acquiring the Chamber as one of my clients, designing their newsletter and various other print publications for them. I miss the Chamber functions so much! I miss mingling, I miss the professional respect I had for and from other business members, the drinks, the luncheons, etc…. So, enjoy these moments and think of me at your next mixer, and have a cocktail for me! 😉 On another note, feel completely free to use my “I want to smack somebody” tagline! It’s one of my favorites! It happens to come out of my mouth quite often as well. ;p

  5. kcinnova says:

    Margaritas = delicious!! I will definitely come to Glendale the next time I trip to Arizona! My dad lives in Tucson, so don’t think I am kidding you…

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