Thank you, Merriam-Webster

    Well, with this Weekly Word Challenge Tink had Chatty running for a dictionary. The words this week are “espieglerie” and “monkeyshine”. Hey – “monkeyshine” – no problem! “Espieglerie”, on the other hand…

    Chatty knew she had SEEN the word before – she wasn’t an English major for nothing, after all, and she loves interesting words! And yes, she knew it was French, but thought it was either an ornamental cabinet for displaying small objects, or an ornate centerpiece for displaying fruit or candles. Turns out those were etagere and epergne, respectively *sigh* Close, but no cigar. Actually, not even close…

    But, thanks to Merriam-Webster Chatty soon discovered
Function:    noun
Etymology:    French, from espiègle
Date:    1815
: the quality or state of being roguish or frolicsome

    So Chatty was back in business.

    It will come as no surprise to those who know her that this gentleman is Chatty’s favorite rogue:


              “My specialty roles are Louche, Brio, and Bravura.”
                       – Tim Curry

    Here are two more delightfully memorable rogues from the gallery:



    And of course, this guy is no slouch in the rogue department…


    When it comes to frolicsome, we have our current house guest, “Toot”, who will frolic as long as there is someone with whom to frolic:


    Or even alone, if she must:


    For a change of pace, here’s The Wiz, being frolicsome at the big surprise birthday party Chatty threw for him this past weekend. Chatty cannot adequately express how glad she is the party was a great success! She pulled it off with a LOT of help from friends and family – but she is NOT good at keeping secrets, and this was a big one!


    On to monkeyshines, which sometimes resemble frolics – but Chatty decided these were more monkeyshining than frolicsome – don’t ask her why…



    Finally, yeah, OK, it’s called “Monkey Business”, but Chatty decided “close enough”!




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35 Responses to Thank you, Merriam-Webster

  1. gary says:

    yay TOOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tink says:

    You are AWESOME! I didn’t even use the April Fools Day words. I’m going to make you a button or something. 🙂

  3. Jenn says:

    Yay for a successful party!

  4. kcinnova says:

    Kids are the best at monkeyshine, aren’t they? Your frolicksomeness was well played –glad to see pics of the Wiz’s party– but oh, those HOT rogues!! They made my day! 🙂

  5. Reb says:

    Good photos, great interpretation.

  6. Newt says:

    Very Very nice. Superb job. I love that a lot of people are doing all four and/or giving the April Fools words a try.

  7. Tink says:

    I may have tricked you, but you’re getting a cool button out of the deal. 😀 Check my site later today.

  8. Heather says:

    Love the pics!! I especially love the one of the Wiz at his party! How fun!! I agree on the rogues. My favorites are also Harrison Ford & especially Johnny Depp! Yummo!

  9. kcinnova says:

    Chatty, you were such a hoot at the awards ceremony. Now try to add a text widget and then insert the html into that widget. Will that work?

  10. Mrs G says:

    Happy Birthday to your real life rogue!

  11. CCC says:

    Thanks! And a great suggestion. However, did Chatty mention that her blog is “free”? Widgets? godaddy “free” don’t let you insert no stinkin’ widgets! Chatty gets one lousy sidebar, to which she can ONLY add stuff that godaddy already has on its “free” blog menu *sigh* Too bad Chatty is too much of a cheapskate to pay monthly for her “free” blog *bigger sigh* Too bad she didn’t know about Blogger when she signed up for a website at godaddy *biggest sigh of all*

  12. CCC says:

    Thank you, Mrs. G! I will pass your good wishes on to The Wiz!

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  14. Kriminal says:

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  15. kvartirnie says:

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