Treasures and Junk

    For those readers who have been playing along – you already know about Tuesdays! For any of you who don’t know – in brief, every Tuesday Chatty plays a game called “Weekly Word Challenge”. Anyone with a camera and access to the internet can play. Each week, Tink gives her players two words, and we have to come up with pictures that represent the words of the week. There are no winners or losers – it’s all about the challenge.

    This week’s words are “treasures” and “junk”. Chatty has so many of both that it was hard to winnow it down to just a few pictures!

    She decided on some obvious, and some (she hopes) more conceptual. So, here they are:

    An example of the junk we all receive in the mail every day…

      And an example of the treasures we sometimes also receive in the mail…

         Here are some useful things that Chatty once considered treasures, but that are now waiting for someone else to find useful when we give our garage sale next weekend. Because, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, right?



    This is Chatty’s newest treasure, and her photos don’t even come close to doing this bottle justice. Every time she has visited a dear friend over the past year, he has given her little sips from this bottle of tequila as a wonderful treat for her palate. You see, Chatty didn’t think she liked tequila, but her friend pointed out that she had probably just been drinking mediocre tequila. He proved this to her by giving her little sips of this excellent barrel reserve reposado. After the first sip, Chatty agreed. She also fell in love with the bottle, which is hand-blown crystal, with the agave plant fully blown into the middle of the bottle. It is gorgeous. Trust Chatty. On Easter Saturday, her friend emptied the bottle – by pouring drinks for those lucky few of us present. He KNEW how much Chatty loved the bottle, and he rinsed it out and presented it to her. A wonderful gift from a wonderful friend is a treasure, indeed!


    Chatty must confess that she loves the Muppets, and she loves Tim Curry. This movie is a treasure for everyone!

    Jim Croce once wrote about a “junkyard dog”, and  although he has been gone for many years, his talent as a songwriter still resonates with Chatty as a treasure that will always be missed, but appreciated forever.


    And finally, two of the dearest treasures in Chatty’s world.


About merseamersea

setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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12 Responses to Treasures and Junk

  1. Jenn says:

    A job well done.

  2. farmerswife says:

    Haven’t visited in awhile. Busy Spring Break with the kids. Your grandchildren are adorable. Curious why the little one has the oxygen. Hope all is well there. Your eggs are beautiful (previous post). I imagine it took you a very long time to detail such pretty eggs. All “Martha Stewart” like. :0) Happy Birthday and Happy Spring!

  3. Reb says:

    Good photos. I love that bottle, you did a good job with it.

  4. Tink says:

    These pictures are fabulous Chatty! I love how there’s no wasted space on the first two pictures. Your eye can’t help but travel around taking it all in. And the picture of your “dearest treasures” is beautiful.

  5. kcinnova says:

    You had me at that beautiful bottle, then the muppets, and then you go and make me all mushy with gorgeous babies!I think you might have just “won” this week! Yep, you’ve done it again, filling each photo with color and texture.

  6. gary says:

    Those two kids are so wonderful! And what a bottle…..Chatty, I saw your comment but maybe spam filter plucked your email, can you please try me again?

  7. REH says:

    Wonderful pictures! That is an awesome Tequila bottle. Makes me want to start collecting bottles again… did that for a brief stint in my late teens 😉

  8. g-man says:

    Nicely done. I had the same affliction to tequila until recently when I was given some of the good stuff. That is a wicked cool bottle.

  9. Newt says:

    Awww, those are awesome. The bottle is WAY cool. I was drooling all over that thing. And not just thinking about yummy margaritas. I would have made the hubster buy the booze so I could ultimately have the bottle. And I love the last photograph of your treasures. Marvelous WWC!

  10. CCC says:

    Thanks, G-man.Who knew that tequila didn’t have to taste like paint thinner??Glad we both had friends who helped us out.Chatty

  11. CCC says:

    I hear you, Newt! I would also have asked The Wiz to buy me some – if I hadn’t found out that this special “Romance” bottle sells for $175 a pop! That’s why I was so grateful to get sips from my friend whenever I visited – because NO WAY I’m asking my husband to buy me a bottle of booze for a price like that – it opens up all SORTS of doors for him to buy himself cool gifts for similar prices – because he doesn’t like tequila!But about the bottle. I’m trying to decide whether I should just put in some (very) lightly colored water, to show off the sculpture in the middle, or to use it for balsamic vinegar. I’m leaning toward the vinegar, BUT the bottle is fragile, and although I love the idea of that beautiful bottle being useful as well as gorgeous, I don’t want to risk breaking it. So, I’m conflicted…

  12. mirkoshek says:

    I would not want to be there

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