A Chinese Garden in the heart of Phoenix

    Chatty recently made a trip downtown to the Chinese Cultural Center, where she found wonderful restaurants, lovely stores and a gigantic Oriental market selling everything from fresh vegetables and fish to Chinese herbs and rice cookers. Chatty used to take for granted all the wonderful Oriental markets in the Los Angeles area, but they are fewer and farther between here in Arizona, so Chatty had a wonderful time strolling the aisles and trolling for tasty treasures.

    Best of all, the Cultural Center has a magnificent traditional garden, with an ornamental pond, pavilions, statues and carvings. Although the garden has busy streets steps away on two sides, it is nevertheless a peaceful oasis where one can stroll and meditate.

    Naturally, Chatty went a bit crazy taking pictures – but she has winnowed it down to these, and hopes you will get a sense of the place from them.



















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setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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35 Responses to A Chinese Garden in the heart of Phoenix

  1. gary says:

    whoa, a few changes here, eh? NICE!and thanks for the tour, you’re a good photographer!

  2. Heather says:

    What a beautiful and tranquil place!! I wish Des Moines had more cultural places like this. The city is trying, but always seems to come up short here. We have a Japanese display downtown on our “riverwalk” (I use this term loosely) that is suppose to honor our sister city in Japan. The problem is the funding fell through about 2/3 the way through the project and there it sits unfinished. Sad. I’m also so jealous to see all the beautiful blues and greens of the water and palm trees. The browns and whites here are getting a little ho hum. 😉

  3. nova says:

    I’d been wondering where Chatty had been as Chatty hadn’t been very chatty lately. Beautifully, peaceful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  4. CCC says:

    Hmmmm. Are you referring to the fact that Chatty finally got up her nerve and posted a picture of herself? If so, she’s still having second thoughts, but realized that she herself likes to be able to put a face with the words, and so decided it was only fair that others be able to do the same at her blog. Being a photographer, Chatty is always behind the camera, and abhors being in front of it, because she photographs VERY BADLY. So, thanks for the kind words, Gary! And I’m glad you liked the Chinese Garden. The pictures don’t begin to do it justice, but at least it gives people an idea of how lovely the place is…

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    [These are nice pictures recorded during the study, non-professional]
    Europeans will enjoy a very, very blue water, the city immersed in the endless green and blue inside the Mediterranean, but also moving to the sand. When in Nice, cold day to wear short sleeves can see, it is feeling the Europeans or Westerners body. In comparison, we Asians as the seasons change, change clothes more frequently. But, after all, come here, mostly tourists, who travel more exciting when that is more normal things right.

    Photo without any post-processing, so the sea is really blue. Every time I see this picture will always be more Kanji Yan is the lower right corner of the fat woman, always felt that the scene is drawn in, whether she, or a woman chatting on benches or pushing baby carriages of the whole family people. Big tall palm trees, sunshine and blue, which can make people do not indulge it? No wonder the study here, the class was over I went to the beach alone, quietly watching these people.

    Center of this road along the coast promenade known as the British, where the speed significantly faster Bi Nisi many other streets, there are always cars speeding sports car look like the past, but no matter what car, there are quite a gentleman, which the point is still quite difficult. This will go to the junction of the Old City has a red light near the two old lady, I feel it is very typical of Europeans. Perhaps the judge from their legs, or maybe they winter, cold weather is still wearing a knee skirt together,air ticket china, this is my impression that the European old woman, the same as my old landlord.

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    Guanajuato in the United States, is to speak with facts:
    In 1988, when Guanajuato was listed by UNESCO as shocked by the brilliant and shocking, without any intent to vote in favor of giving the town.
    Guanajuato is not, but it is worth a careful look, to go back and forth and read, not boring, it’s the story on the hidden corners of the streets in the street, pane of the fence, the staircase armrest, front steps, walking in the winding alleys of the old, walking in the color of the housing corridor, this former silver town, it is everywhere you look, the streets of the place, all the exciting potential of the unexpected.

    Of course, these colors can not be considered beautiful alley bizarre twists and turns of the story, no plot, no characters, there are only some of the scattered plot, and some of the old house full of memories, how the growth of some of the old stone streets, bustling, and grow old , is a little bit of time to digest, and then another little bit of fill, year after year, day after day, so that some ordinary people’s lives, quietly played into the story.

    To say, this is called the Bessel alley (Callejon del Beso) somewhere in the corner.

    Guanajuato more lanes, a next one, thousands of back pleated, and how it seems also to go finish, when the first one to see Besso alley, almost missed, except that it is narrow and cramped, there is no much feeling and association, the march was going through it, but the left-hand path in this old house, there is an art store, said store, more like a gallery or art museum, attracted us to go into involuntary, look, ask, spent a half a day, but nothing to buy, but good-tempered clerk, still face bright sunshine.

    At this time, the door came the booing, but the sound, beso, beso, one beso, Spanish, kissing is
    beso, monetary unit is the peso peso, so we were wrong to listen to become beso, beso, one
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    He laughed, own long kiss, a kiss for each, are sparking waves beso, beso cheers, and the crackling sound of the shutter.

    The original here is the famous obstructed by the two parents. Forced the two lovers had to take advantage of quiet, when the black night, secretly went to their own balcony tryst. Because almost leaning against the balcony together, across the balcony across the alley, two people can embrace kissing, so here is called father to get rid of.

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    To Wudang martial arts, not only from across the country, but also from around the world to the ground. Those blond foreign disciples,Yangzhou hotels, stay for months and years, clearly sees himself as a native, when tourists like us a bit abrupt, and some out of tune with the surrounding scenery – those scenes are like in the past, and tourists rush into this picture of an outsider it.

    In fact, in the repair into the Yuk Hui Temple is not open. Thus the various martial arts disciples around to find a good place to practice. We are led by local people to enter, coincides with the sunset, but accidentally saw this cultural feast.

    Mitutoyo Hall before the local well-known bell-Road long a good effort, talked about Tai Chi’s past and present. Tells a head sitting there, calm and friendly, does not seem so special, and suddenly see a few hands gestures, Manner is completely different. In power long with us to practice field, he walked all that extraordinary.

    To Mitutoyo Hall martial arts, are in the future to become a martial arts instructor, in which the same lack of foreign disciples. I chatted up one of them, that he came from the United States, Las Vegas. Mitutoyo Hall was chosen, because his mother and sister here before the martial arts, this light source may ah.

    What impressed me most is the two dolls, but the five-year-old looks like, in the Yuk Hui Temple Square in front of kick boxing, tiger. Coaching is nothing but a young man, but strictly abnormal, two children turn out to be breathless, but still correct deportment, amazing. Especially the female wanderers, a pair of leopard eye Yuan Deng, quite imposing.

    masterpiece encountered in the Wudang expert, this age, shocking! (Zixiao Gong)

    my Vodenka, working in two and see how much snow!

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    A few days walking in Anqing, saw it always feel there is a feeling, a once bustling city, why it is difficult to regain once in the past. Until the local apricot Hall, to see such words: look for submerged disappearing apricot. Move in mind, the lines, really hit my heart think.

    Anqing, the birthplace of China’s national industry, the traditional Chinese drama Huangmei town, the Six years from the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1667) began in Anhui province, until the founding of the first two hundred years, has been the capital of Anhui Province Anqing.

    Do not say the other, one that the city was born celebrity, enough people may feel admiration: the first Chinese artist Song Li Gonglin, Chinese calligraphy, seal carving representative of Deng Shiru, Three Kingdoms period of great beauty Xiao Qiao Qiao, China’s representative shui, the father of modern Chinese aesthetics qian, a pioneer in China’s New Culture Movement Chen, former president of the Chinese Buddhist Association Zhao Puchu, the father of the atomic bomb China Deng Jiaxian, Huangmei representative Yan Fengying and Malan, and my favorite poet Hai Zi … … a city rich in heritage and if there is no meaning, why would such a sparkle. However, today’s Anqing, there is really a bit lonely, seem that a Yangtze River water had submerged the death of glory.

    Vibration wind tower is located in the Yangtze River, known as the Road at White Cloud Temple in Beijing, Zhang literary talent of well-designed, according to legend it was built in order to revitalize the style of writing, Ming Dynasty Longqing years, Longqing completed four years, so far, over 400 years of history.
    Zhen Ying Jiang wind tower is located in Temple, late autumn shadows of the trees, some depression, but meaningful.

    during the day and then after, a tree is still so beautiful.

    article the heavens, and probably mean it.

    After a very good way to go, came to the iron Yanshan room, here is the former residence of Deng Shiru, Deng Shiru, Qianlong was born four years to the outstanding achievements of calligraphy and seal cutting, shocked the government and its work been pushed as a products. Completion of the Qing Dynasty Hunan and Hubei Governor Yan named source of iron,touring china, called the gift
    Yanshan room where the village of iron, called Deng’s House, the village most people have the surname Tang.

    waited a moment, an old man surnamed Deng opened the door to us.

    Residence, these writing is Deng Shiru’s handwriting: the sea of ​​clouds is Crane Dragon World home. It is worth mentioning: Deng Shiru six generation descendant of China’s However, there is really very lonely, not only the origin is not flat, and usually the door locked.

  32. ijk540 says:

    bade farewell to the Anderson cemetery, continue Assistens
    Kirkegård cemetery in the random walk.

    the northern wall of the cemetery is a beautiful landscape. Because the north wall of the south, there is the sun, so also are placed along the wall to a lot of the cemetery, some gravestones in the cemetery and even wall mounted. Scattered during the sculpture, shades of green plants and reflected in the slanting wall together, people have a go at an art museum gallery between illusion. Hundred and fifty years before the time from the source to drip slowly, and go behind meanders; only this picture, like a flood in a few stones, Everlasting there.



    Some tombstones made of the stumps shape


    With this cemetery, the cemetery was more open look.


    a doctor’s tombstone, I do not know why the top of the monument engraved with the pentagram.


    three Danes even openly drinking in the cemetery with a goblet of champagne, I do not know is the grave after the sideshow or a special trip to come here to enjoy the quiet. P8

    sun and shade will be commonplace especially gorgeous lawn decorated Hyun Ni P9

    also see such violence in the cemetery tree with red, do not know what rhetoric.

    rose after the rain, since a bunch of sun hit her face, kept her photograph on a bar.
    This is the legendary death knell it?


    chicken heart-shaped tombstone
    Gravestone of Acer palmatum (chicken maple) P14

    high latitudes such a long shadow of the summer, winter, even I do not know where to put the heart of the gutter of Jiuche. P15

    abstract sculpture garden P16

    360 ° turn in a circle, or did not understand P17

    amount of drops of God, angels or with the children see the first time, do the following is a comrade rest of it? P18


    Look, this is where long stems out. By the Chinese name for this plant, planted in the cemetery more relevant. P20

    angustifolia ghost flute: Scientific name: Leycesteria
    rupicosa var. syringantha (Maxim.) Zabel.
    Caprifoliaceae, is a ghost flute. Shrub, 1-2 meters high, all often sparse or dense, or dark red short glandular hairs; twig, petiole, peduncle, bracts and calyx teeth are curved V pubescent. Spike or axillary, each with 6 flowers, with three flower cyme of Health, the central flower sessile 1, 2 lateral flower with very short stalk, 10-25 mm total peduncle length, Corolla white or pink,

  33. lmn251 says:

    Biden encourages investment Vice-president hopes for job growth, but Chinese firms remain cautious China : Relax controls on high-tech exports The US should provide a fair investment environment for Chinese firms, said Vice-President Xi Jinping. US official gets taste of Beijing fare Yao’s Chao Gan, a popular traditional Beijing restaurant with 22 years of history, hosted a special guest on Thursday – United States Vice-President Joe Biden. Experts: Cut US debt holdings The long-term strategy for China to reduce dollar asset risks is to boost the global profile of the yuan. ‘We must boost market confidence’ China and the US share a responsibility for boosting global market confidence.
    Special: US Vice-President Biden visits China Visit could help reshape global image China is presenting its true image of “unbalanced development” to the US by arranging a tour in its western region for US Vice-President Joe Biden. US invites investments US states are welcoming Chinese investments more than ever, a top official from the Council of American States in China said. A new test for bilateral ties China and US can break traditional cycle of conflict between two powers if they establish a partnership on mutual respect The China dilemma for US It is not in the best interest of the US to expect the world’s second largest economy to fail. A leader in shaping US foreign policy Born on Nov 20, 1942,China travel service, in Pennsylvania, Joe Biden became one of the youngest US Senators when he was elected at the age of 29. China-US Governors Forum The first China-US Governors Forum is held July 15 in the Salt Lake City, the United States.

  34. fgh961 says:

    While chasing a thug through Chinatown’s dingy back alleys,Felix Rey Antigua Straw Tote, you run along brick walls,Dior Flight Shearling Saddle Bag, swing from balcony ledges and even slide down a ladder in slow-motion upside-down,12/7/2003 – Witness Festival, Fairyhouse Racecourse, no less while pegging off henchmen with your pistols. After taking down a few more bad guys with a razor-thin sword, you take a quick break from the pursuit to swig some whiskey,monster beats outlet, toss the bottle in the air and shoot a bullet through it.

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