Playing second fiddle

    Chatty has mentioned in the past that our dog Cleo is a daddy’s girl.

    Chatty has come to terms with being a distant second in this threesome, but it still hurts to have the point driven home so forcefully from time to time – take, for instance, our recent vacation up north.

    Chatty, The Wiz, and Cleo went up a day earlier than our hosts – because we could!

    We arrived around 5 pm, and The Wiz went about outside, turning on electricity, water, gas, etc., while Chatty unpacked and put away ALL the clothes, ALL the food, etc. Miss Cleo whined the whole time at the door The Wiz had exited, because he was outside the house and she couldn’t see him.

    Soon, The Wiz came into the cabin and exclaimed: “It’s COLD in here!”

    Chatty agreed, pleased that he was concerned.

    The Wiz continued:

    “Poor Cleo must be FREEZING!”

    The Wiz then proceeded to our room, where he ripped the extra fluffy thermal blanket off the bed, rushed back to arrange it on the couch as a nice comfy “nest”, and lovingly placed Cleo in the middle of it. She gazed up at him adoringly.

    Chatty was cold, too, so she moved over and attempted to get a little piece of the extra fluffy thermal blanket for herself. Cleo positively GLARED at Chatty, and the Wiz said:

    “You’ve unpacked, right?”

    Chatty agreed that she HAD, indeed, unpacked and put away ALL of our stuff.

    The Wiz then said:

    “Great! Then you don’t need Cleo’s blanket – you can just put on an extra pair of socks!”

    Pleased with this practical solution, he wandered over to turn on the TV.


    Chatty went and put on some more socks.

    Cleo smirked, and settled deeper into her cozy, daddy-built nest.

    A bit later, The Wiz went out on the front porch to check things out. Cleo burst from her nest, jumped to the floor, rushed to the front door and…whined, because he was outside and she couldn’t see him.

    The Wiz came back inside a few minutes later, picked Cleo up, and placed her lovingly in the cozy nest he had made from the extra fluffy thermal blanket off our bed. She gazed up at him adoringly.

    He sat next to her, sharing the blanket, and they watched TV.

    All would be fine until he left the couch. Whenever he left the couch, Cleo followed him. Bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, outside – she followed him – the click click click of her tiny toenails driving tiny nails through Chatty’s head.

    Chatty could have risen above this daddy-worship with her usual aplomb had Cleo not twisted the knife by suddenly acting as if Chatty was going to KILL HER if she even got NEAR. This was a new experience. Suddenly, Chatty was relegated to probable serial dog-killer status – a fiend who would no doubt MURDER a puppy if she even THOUGHT about being stupid enough to…say…get close enough to accept a treat from Chatty, or HEAVEN FORBID, sit on the same piece of furniture!*sigh*

    Chatty knows that Cleo was upset in unfamiliar surroundings, and clung to her daddy with tenaciousness arising from fear.

    Somehow, that knowledge didn’t help.

    Chatty still felt like last week’s dirty laundry.

    Yesterday, Chatty received a package from a dear friend. It was a doggie T-shirt, in two shades of pink. Embroidered on the back were the words “Daddy’s Little Girl”. How appropriate!

    The friend has not met Cleo, as she lives in LA and we adopted the little twerp angel once we moved to Arizona. So, she bought a “small”, not knowing that Cleo would have to gain 15 pounds and 10 inches to even dream of achieving “small”…

    Here is Daddy’s Little Girl in her lovely T-shirt. She can’t walk in it – she tried, and fell down, which generated a resentful look from her and gales of laughter from Chatty. Hey, if we can’t laugh at our own pets, whose can we laugh at?




    The Wiz was more pleased about her outfit than she was.

    He said:


    If Cleo could talk, Chatty is pretty sure she would have said:

    “Mommy, on top of talking about me in your blog and embarrassing me, are you also going to start dressing me funny?”

    Hmmmm. Chatty is possibly experiencing a little epiphany.

    Maybe there’s a reason Cleo gravitates to daddy…

    But all is not lost – because although the T-shirt is too big for her, it makes a lovely pillowcase for Cleo’s very own pillow – the one nestled between those upon which The Wiz and Chatty lay their weary heads every night…

    Spoiled, much? 


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3 Responses to Playing second fiddle

  1. Heather says:

    That was adorable!! Cleo is just so cute – and I love her new shirt!! It does seem to fit from what you’ve said about how much she loves The Wiz!! Thanks for all your kindness at the loss of our pets recently. Your words are very appreciated!

  2. Nova says:

    Too funny! Gosh, so understand all that. Poor Chatty. Selfish Cleo. Cute shirt. She needs the days of the week; wouldn’t she really love you then 😉

  3. CCC says:

    oooohhhhh…a t-shirt for every day of the week. Chatty likes the way you think! If Chatty put Cleo in a new shirt every day, at least Cleo would have a REASON to glare at Chatty! Miss Cleo doesn’t know how lucky she is that Chatty does not want to fork out wads of cash for cute clothes, and then do the resulting laundry…

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