When a Picture is Worth Two Words

    Chatty loves to take photographs, and she loves words, so imagine her excitement at finding a game that is right up her alley!

    Chatty found out about this from fellow blogger Jenn, who mentioned that every Tuesday, Tink posts two words on her blog, and our challenge is to find photos that fit the words. We have until the next Tuesday to find pictures (of our own taking) that match the words, and to post them on our sites.

    Best of all, everyone with access to a camera and the Internet is welcome to play. There are no winners or losers – just a bunch of photography buffs coming up with interesting photos based on the two words of the week.

    This Tuesday’s words are “wood” and “metal”, and Chatty decided to compare and contrast – one wood, one metal…

    (Chatty’s grandmother’s cutting board – dates from at least 1915, and still used every day)

    (metal door in the library, Glendale, AZ)

    (cart wheel, Tombstone, AZ)

    (piece of mining equipment, Bisbee, AZ)

    (wooden bench, Tombstone, AZ)

    (Chatty’s favorite horse, in a private yard, Glendale, AZ)

    Finally, as Mary Poppins would say, a “practically perfect” wood-metal combo platter…

    (a small part of Chatty’s cousin’s golf club collection)

– which any golfers out there will note works on two levels…as not only are they made of wood and metal, they are also “woods” and “irons” (which is a metal, after all!)


Is Chatty having fun, or what?!


About merseamersea

setter of cryptic crosswords, designer of jewelry, paper and card maker, editor, quilter, embroiderer, cook, avid mystery reader and occasional writer. Find me on Facebook as Maggie-beth Rees Rasor.
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11 Responses to When a Picture is Worth Two Words

  1. Tink says:

    Awesome job!! I love the wooden horse bench and the cutting board. The metal horse statue is nice too. I like how it’s in shadow and the background is so light and sunny.

  2. CCC says:

    Thanks, Tink! Praise from the person who keeps the flame of the game going is praise, indeed! The think I love about the horse is that it looks like one of his feet is actually on the street – like he’s going to leave his pedestal and take off any moment…This is a great game – thanks so much for letting me play!

  3. farmerswife says:

    GREAT PICS!! And, your first time playing too! Loved ’em alllll. And, great word play with the golf clubs!

  4. Ginni Dee says:

    Great shots…I love horses, so I especially love the sculpture of a horse. That is a very strange looking cutting board. Why does it look like fabric? Thanks for visiting my blog! Tell Chatty hi!! 😉

  5. farmerswife says:

    (Let me try to comment again.) Great Pics! And, for your first time playing. Loved ’em all. Great word play with the golf clubs!

  6. moo says:

    wow, what great photos! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

  7. kcinnova says:

    Wonderful photos. Well played!I like the wordplay for the final pic, but the icing on the cake (nice to eat dessert first here) was your very first one: Grandmother’s Cutting Board…love & history. Cheers!

  8. CCC says:

    Hi Ginni Dee – I really enjoyed your blog – have it on my favorites list…I agree about the horses, and the cutting board – I don’t know what type of wood it is, but the light stripes are cut against the grain, and that’s what it looks like. Then the years and years of cutting on it have made the haphazard scratches. I had never thought about it, but it DOES look like fabric. And, as to saying “hi” to Chatty – I AM Chatty – in more ways than one ; ) Thanks for stopping by, and for taking time to comment.

  9. CCC says:

    Thanks for the kind words – that cutting board has been across country and back and has been used every day since I learned to cook. Before that, my mom used it, and before that my grandmother. It MAY have been a wedding gift, or it MAY have been my great grandmother’s, in which case it dates from the 1800’s. But we’re not sure, so I just stick with 1915. It’s funny – I almost didn’t take a picture of it, because I thought maybe people would think it was dumb – and it’s the picture everyone likes best! So, never try to second-guess yourself, and by all means, eat dessert first! Thanks for visiting.

  10. CCC says:

    Thanks for taking time to comment – and for your encouragement. I can’t wait to see what we all come up with next, either! Stone and glass….hmmmmmmm…..

  11. CCC says:

    Thanks for coming to look – I’m going to love playing this game with all you nice people! I really liked your photos too – especially the tractor and the fence…

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