So, about those “soiled doves”…

    The decent women of Tombstone – and apparently there were a few – refused even to walk on the same side of the street as The Birdcage!

    Unfortunately, the Birdcage was right on the main drag – Allen Street – which must have really cramped those ladies’ style – not to mention their shopping and dining possibilities.

    But it seems that “ladies of the evening” had every right to ply their trade in Tombstone – as long as they had a license.

    These licenses had to be procured from the local Marshall, for a fee of $7.50, but a license allowed one to ply her trade in a “house of ill fame” in the “red-light district”.

    How civilized and sensible!

    Here’s a story of a girl


    Who went to the Marshall to get her license


    A very pretty girl, was Sadie Jo – aka Shady Sadie. So pretty, in fact, that the Marshall – Wyatt Earp, in case you didn’t read the license carefully – eventually MARRIED her and saved her from her life as a soiled dove.

    My, how things change.

    Here’s a picture of the pretty girl after she had become Mrs. Wyatt Earp…


    As charming as this romance no doubt was, there was one drawback. When Wyatt Earp married the lovely girl he called Josie – and whisked her away from her life of sin – it forced his common-law wife Mattie INTO prostitution, because he no longer supported her. Mattie soon committed suicide.

    As Gilda Radner used to say – it’s always something…



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